Learning from the Consummate Entrepreneur

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Mr. R. Danny Williams graciously acceded to make a presentation to a group of Fourth Form students, who are studying Economics.  This was on the invitation of Mrs. Ramasary-Burgher, the teacher of Economics.

Mr. Williams was keen to impress on the students, from the outset, that entrepreneurs do not succeed overnight.  He explained how he had learned the art while he was still a student at Jamaica College.  He emphasized that he poured himself into studying and was successful academically.

At the time, the school had no grant aid from government and his father, an accounting clerk died when Danny was 13 years old.  This left the responsibility on his mother who was a dressmaker.  Because he had very little pocket money coming in, he started his first business at 13 years old.  This was buying and selling in order to buy what he wanted.

By Sixth Form he was able to buy a car with the proceeds from his business; he was the only boy driving to school.  This car soon became the new business as he began to make money by providing ‘robot taxi’ service to some of his school mates, at a fee of course.

How did Danny Williams grow to become the multimillionaire he is today?  How did he become a successful insurance agent, a powerbroker and the many enviable positions he has held? What are the guiding principles that guided him? Read all this in the next article.

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