R. Danny Says… 20 Tips for Success

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How did Danny Williams grow to become the multimillionaire he is today?  How did he become a successful insurance agent, a powerbroker and philanthropist? What are the guiding principles that have kept him focused to this day?

It is not a secret.  He shared his winning formula with the college men and now you can be inspired by these maxims.  R. Danny said entrepreneurs are people who have changed the whole face of economic activities because they have the ability to see gaps and fill them.

  1. They are creative and have a drive to get things done.
  2. They online casino australia have knowledge about the product they are buying or selling.
  3. They never say die.
  4. If they fail, they will try again.
  5. They believe that what they are doing can be done.
  6. They take risks.
  7. They are enthusiastic about their ideas and are undeterred by failure.
  8. They are always looking for an opportunity.
  9. There is no successful lazy entrepreneur.
  10. No one can make you an entrepreneur or push you to be successful.
  11. Behind every successful person is himself.
  12. Recognize that it can be a lonely road.
  13. They encourage people to think more and bigger.
  14. They look for opportunities not excuses.
  15. Planning is critical
  16. The second most important thing you can do is to speak English
  17. Practise English, study the language or be left behind.
  18. Read out loud.
  19. Build a good reputation and trade on that.
  20. Be honest and trustworthy.

Author: Marjorie Wright


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