Jamaica College’s P.T.A. – Ready Again!

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Collin Greenland was as effusive as ever as he took to the podium to take up the mantle yet again, a proud President of the JC PTA. He welcomed the parents heartily and was pleased to see a steady stream arriving throughout the evening.

In his opening remarks, he pointed out that- “every burden is lighter when we lift it together”. While he was pleased to see the throng of parents, he was quick to point out that perhaps teachers were dissuaded from attending because of being criticized in the past, adding that the PTA was not the forum to criticize teachers. He encouraged parents to work closely with teachers to resolve issues.

Senator Reid, who is in his ninth year at JC, thanked the parents for their support over the years. He commended the new parents and told them that they had joined at an exciting time. He then regaled them with statistics and records of the school’s progress which indicate how it is now poised to do even greater things. He pointed out the school’s academic improvements this year: 50% improvement in CSEC Math, Add Math and CAPE Math. The number of students passing 5 subjects with Math and English A, saw a 48% rise over 2013. This is a staggering 262.5% improvement over the period 2006 to 2014.

“Without quality material, the finish product is not going to be the best quality. However, JC now has the quality students to compete and out do any school in Jamaica. Next year and going forward will propel us towards the top in academic performance in Jamaica.”

To drive performance, there is a need for mentoring and so there continues to be a thrust to provide the boys with mentors. New classrooms are to be constructed and the curriculum is being expanded. The school has done well in sports and has increased some five hundred percent within nine years. It is now on the momentum to academic achievement. The momentum is on!

Author and Photos: Marjorie Wright

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