Official Opening of the Jamaica College Museum

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The old boys roll back the years There were some good laughs Opening Remarks- Senator Reid Greetings - Mr. Billy Heaven CEO, CHASE Chairman - JC Foundation Project Overview - Mr. Ainsley Henriques. CD Mr. Gladstone Lewars - JC Trust Remarks and introduction of Keynote Speaker - Hon. R. Danny Williams Keynote Address - Rev. Ronald Thwaites, MP Vote of Thanks Mr. Hylton Dennis Blessing the Museum- Rev. Fr Michael Allen, School Chaplain Cutting the ribbon Mr. Thwaites and Mrs. Marjorie Henriques Mrs. O'Sullivan Mr. Wiliams' right hand Mr. Ainsley Henriques graciously holds the door. True college  man Signing the Guests' Book The Digital Images Students gaze at the exhibit Memories A glimpse at the old boys A Challenge Accomplished
The old boys roll back the years

The Jamaica College Foundation officially opened the JC Museum on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Did you miss it? Here is what you would have missed.

Senator Reid chaired the program in the absence of the Board Chairman Mr. Michael Bernard. He reminded the audience of Karl Drax’s desires as set out in his will, which resulted in the College as we see today.

After Rev. Fr. Michael Allen blessed the event, Mr. Ainsley Henriques, CD, gave an overview of the project. He described it as a challenge undertaken consciously and was accomplished with the help of a team of those who know more than himself. He applauded his wife Marjorie who worked tirelessly on the project.

Mr. Billy Heaven, CEO of CHASE said that JC itself is a museum as it has been around since 1789. He said the Museum is a model to present students and a frame for the future as it is passing civilization to the next generation which is the highest honour.

The Hon. R. D. Williams lauded Mr. Henriques for his effort and said he was blessed with a wife who made it all possible. He extended special thanks to Mrs. O’Sullivan for her interest and effort then provided a list of the other projects they plan to take on in the continued transformation of the school.

Hon. Ronald Thwaites was as forthright in his criticism of the society as he was full of praises for Jamaica College. He said one of the faults of our society is a lack of recorded appreciation of the history of our institutions and that JC’s Museum was an “antidote to the …nay Sayers”. He ended, “Today is an epic day. I do not know of many institutions that can boast a museum. It is an honour to be among you.”

Senator Reid closed by saying it was a proud heritage and an inspiration for all.

Author: Marjorie Wright

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