The R Danny Williams Bursary Awards 2014

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“’…There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.’” (Acts 20: 35)

Under the theme: Giving Back to Maintain Our Legacy, Jamaica College once again displayed its reciprocal spirit.  On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, the benefactor, Dr. the Hon. R. Danny Williams along with other members of the JC family gathered in the Conference Room to bestow scholarships on fifteen students. In addition, there were three special awardees – for the Charles Astwood Scholarship and one for the Charles Drax Scholarship.

Chairman’s Opening Remarks – Mr. Kevin McCarthyK. McCarthy

“Children are our most valuable resource and we must commend those who are able to give back” Quoting Steve Jobs: “You’ll never see the full picture, connecting the dots, until you look back.’

Principal’s Welcome and remarks – Senator Ruel Reid CD. JP R Reid

“We are here as a family to celebrate excellence… Education works better with the full partnership of school, parents and children.  Sixth Formers are being encouraged to give back.  Kuti Ra got seventeen CXC subjects; any student who wants to out do him will be rewarded.  Charles Drax in his will air marked that there be an annual contribution to a deserving young man and woman.  Baruka Morris is to receive the Charles Drax scholarship.  Next year, a deserving girl from St. Andrews High will receive one.  Akeem Neil, a beneficiary from last year deserved special mention for being successful in attaining a grade one in Math in fourth form.

Past Beneficiary Appreciation- Akeem Neil Akeem Neil

He felt proud and responsible when he received the bursary and it made him stand tall.  He has promised to continue to make everyone proud.

Benefactor’s Charge- Dr. the Hon. R. Danny Williams RD Williams

The bursaries were being increased from six to fifteen and he would like to see it go to fifty.  There are several criteria for selection; it is not just need but students must attend school full time, spend time on their work as they can build on the education they receive from JC as he did.  If a good foundation is built -you can put any mansion on it.  Participate in extracurricular activities, encourage other boys to do well, be a leader.  It is a wonderful experience to achieve.  Leadership means responsibility, guiding, showing, following up and when it is not done – do it yourself!

Charles Astwood Scholarship – Dr. Lawson Dr Lawson

Dr. Lawson was a student at JC 13 years ago.  He got into JC through the kindness of Dr. Charles Astwood, his benefactor, in whose honour he named the scholarship.  He charged: Have a balanced life – study hard, play hard and do civic duty…not one or the other but all of them.  Being True Blue, he gave two full scholarships. (Recipients: Daje Gordon and Tavoy Brown)


M BernardGuest Speaker – Mr. Michael Bernard, Chairman JC Board

He is who he is because of the philanthropy of others and being a beneficiary of service over the years.  He resolved to give back to JC because he had received much.  Although he is a successful businessman who has been retired since he was in his forties, he had failed sixth Form and “offered to give the school another year”.   He has learnt since, the valuable lessons which he was willing to pass on:

  • Go to class and stay until it is over.
  • Get all your books and more from the other sources of information
  • Find out what is happening before class and prepare – Google!
  • After class, revise

You are at the gateway to your future.  You determine where it leads.  Infect the others with the spirit to achieve.

Scholarship Awardees R Danny Williams Recipients 2014

Akeem Neil (Appreciation speech)David Parish
Greg-Lee White-DixonJoseph Downer
Nicholas LobbanAsani Thompson
Duvaire Wauchope (Vote of thanks)Jennardo Taylor
Kuwayne CampbellRashied Taylor
George BarnesJoel Henriques
Nicholas FrancisShamar Thomas
Khemani Roberts
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Photographer: Dwayne Smith

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