JC Bids Mrs. Collette Feurtardo-Pryce Farewell

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In the end, you’re measured not by how much you undertake but what you finally accomplish.” ~Donald Trump

The Jamaica College family gathered to express appreciation and to bid farewell to Mrs. Collette Feurtardo-Pryce.  Mrs. Pryce, who was senior Vice Principal at Jamaica College, has taken up the position of Principal at the Tarrant High School.  October 28, 2014, will always be special for all those who were in attendance and got a hug, said a few words, cried a tear or offered a prayer.

Ms. Nickiesha ‘Diva’ Findley was the able MC. The program got underway and proceeded smoothly with commendations coming from many grateful individuals who had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Pryce.  Dr. the Hon. R. D. Williams was first to express his delight to pay tribute.  He described her as a brilliant, hard worker who was able to rally to the cry when they needed her to act as Principal.  He was especially pleased with the way she helped Mr. Reid to adjust as she was like his right arm in those early days and beyond. He wished her every success as she moved on to greater heights.

Mr. Wong recalled that they were friends and neighbours for seven years, so an occasion to express appreciation to her could not miss him.  He spoke about the fact that she bought experience to the table and could be counted on to think outside the box.  She would see a task through to the end.  She is a hand- on person who becomes involved.  He quoted Proverb 22:29 which indicate that a competent worker will serve kings rather than work for ordinary people.

Mr. R. Bailey recounted the statuesque lady, under the umbrella and was obviously fighting back tears as he listed the many reasons why he will miss Mrs. Pryce. He appreciated her hugs, smiles passion and he said that one was never in doubt about where she stood on an issue. He lauded her foe, her candour.

Anthony Williams, school Captain, thought she was a special gift to all of us and recalled how he was drawn to her because of the sport car but grew to love her because of the motivational talks. He saw her as a strong leader and a powerful inspiration.

Natalie Reid spoke of her love and warmth, her poise and grace but especially her work ethic. She marveled at her work load and declared that JC has lost a gem.

Mr. Robinson, Board member, said she showed what it really means to be a master teacher and a professional administrator.   He said she deserved super woman status because she performed so well in her profession and in her capacity as a mother.

Sen. Ruel Reid wished that he had Whitney Houston to express his feelings.  Short of that he tried to croon, “I will always love you”.   He commended Mrs. Pryce for weathering the storm as there was a lot to be done and he could not have done it without her.  He regards her as a valuable member of the transformation team, who was committed and loyal.  He recounts her attention to details and said he is humbled to have been able to contribute to her elevation.   He said that she left JC when the foundation was well laid for academic achievement. He closed by hoping that her praise will always be song at JC.

Mrs. Collette Angela Agatha Feurtardo – Pryce “Gem”, speaking in spite of the tears, recounted her first week when she arrived from Jose Marti to JC.   She marveled at how far JC has come.  She expressed her gratitude for the time spent at JC and especially for the privilege of sitting on the Board and learning from the best.  She said that JC was a brand and they should start to capitalize from it. She has decided to create her own brand at Tarrant high.  Having learnt to conquer her fears, which she admits can be a habit that is inhibiting; she is able to banish it with an attitude of: “I can!”; “I will!”  Because she has come to realize that the blue blood runs deep in her, she is seeking permission to become a honourary old girl. We all wait to see what will happen.

She is a jolly good…

Author:  Marjorie Wright

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