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“Stop Domestic Violence!” was the charge given by Prime Minister, The Hon. Andrew Holness to a group of Jamaica College Students during his visit to the school’s campus on February 15.  “Students and children are being taught that violence solves problems, and that violence is the best way to instil punishment,” he said very sternly, telling the students that violence is not what our culture needs. “Violence must NOT be tolerated.” He said and he told them to also “Respect the individuality of others”.

The Prime Minister asked students, “what do you want to become?” and “what will your future look like?”  To which he gave a six-step recommendation:

  1. Be whomever you want to be, but be the best
  2. Where you start has an impact on where you end
  3. You need mentors in your life
  4. Always be the best
  5. See yourself in that position
  6. Have a vision

The Prime Minister continued; “are you taking the steps to reach the mission of what you want to become?”  to  the fully captivating young audience he posited four essential steps to achieving their personal mission:

  1. Put in effort
  2. Come to the reality
  3. Define that dream
  4. Design a plan to reach that vision

He concluded by saying “The future is the result of the decisions that you make today” and “You should invest time and effort in your success.” It was an inspirational presentation and it gave the students a vision for them to become the best leaders in Jamaica and the World.

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Author: Kenrick Robinson


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