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Symbols & Traditions

School crest

The left half of the school’s crest incorporates the red cross of England and the five golden pineapples that is to be found on Jamaica’s Coat of Arms. The pineapple symbolizes justice, trust and honor, and each pineapple plant gives its own life to produce a single fruit. Around 1681, Sir Christopher Wren had begun using pineapple finials on churches and since then, the fruit has been recognized as a Christian symbol. The pine cone has a long-held imperial significance. The Romans placed pine cones on their buildings and monuments to symbolize confidence in the administrative, judicial and defensive power of the state. This cross therefore demonstrates the school’s Christian background and allegiance and association to Jamaica.There is an open book in the top right section of the shield to symbolize Bible truth, justice, and the importance of scholarly focus and academic pursuits. A golden griffin against a dark blue background completes the right half of the shield. The griffin, being the combination of the lion (king of beasts) and the eagle (most powerful and recognized bird of prey) represents the best of both creatures in terms of their characteristics and status – similar traits are to be displayed by each student. Finally, the shield is surrounded by a scroll with the school’s motto inscribed around the entire circumference.


The “Puncey” tradition has been with Jamaica for ages. Described as an “an immortal lover,” many “College Men” have gotten acquainted with this tree in the past and many will in generations to come.

Holy Ground

The Holy Ground is a plot of ground dedicated to the memory of JC alumni who died in World War I and World War II. The ground is located to the left of the cricket score board which faces the main entrance to the Administration building. The Holy Ground is a strictly prohibited area, as it is regarded as sacred site.

Sixth Form Staircase

It is an established tradition that all blue shirts who break the rules by attempting to ascend the sixth form stair case will endure a harsh and swift descent unto the cold, tiled floors below.

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