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JC – Standard Bearers

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Jamaica College gathered on November 03, 2014, to acknowledge and celebrate with the members of the Honour Society.  These are students who have attained above eighty percent (80%) in all their tests and exams.

Senator Reid declared that Jamaica College was now poised to graduate every JC student to pass all their subjects.  The question, he said, was how many would get distinctions.  He contended that with the target at 70 percent, they can all do it because they have that ability.

In his inimitable pastoral fervor, he charged the Student Council President, School Captain and others to take the message and break it down, so that each student will become responsible.  Leadership, he insisted, is about influence.  Therefore, they should influence classmates to live up to the tenets of the core values (Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Discipline and spirituality).

Although the school has continued in its football conquests, he forcefully reminded the students that it is academic excellence first.   However, this would soon make way for the climatic, triumphal warrior acclaim: “Excellence is not an attitude, it’s a habit.JC has been the most consistent, the best; the undefeated champions – champions 2013.  We will be champions 2014, Champions forever!”

Author: Marjorie Wright

Shemar Millwood for NSSC’s Treasurer?

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Shemar strides on

Shemar strides on

Jamaica College’s Prefect and Senior Students’ Representative, eighteen years old Shemar Millwood is vying for the coveted position of National Treasurer for Secondary Students’ Council.

Millwood, who regards the campaign and position itself as a challenge, believes that both will help him to build his character and assist him in his quest to become a future leader.  Already, he has acted in the capacity as treasurer of the United Nation Club at JC and has served on the Children’s Advisory Panel at the Child Development Agency.

If all that was needed is confidence, then he will become the next NSSC’s Treasurer.  His blood is running blue as he beams with pride at the prospect of representing Jamaica College.  He knows the school is behind him and so he is striding on.


Author:    Marjorie Wright

“Invincible Determination” Puts JC Ahead

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In front of a sizeable crowd at the Catherine Hall Sports Complex in western Jamaica, Jamaica College faced its first LIME Super Cup match up against home favourites Cornwall College. Both teams played a goalless first half before returning to the field to battle for the win.

A 63rd minute equalizer from Raffique Bryan brought the game level despite Cornwall College taking the second half lead. Tactical changes in the field by coach Coley reaped success for the Tru Blues as Sheldon McKoy made good on a superb header, to put JC ahead by 2 goals to 1.

In response to JC’s win, coach Miguel Coley explained that “invincible determination” is what makes champions. JC came out victorious, edging CC to take a 2-1 win.

Author: Nickiesha Findley

The R Danny Williams Bursary Awards 2014

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“’…There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.’” (Acts 20: 35)

Under the theme: Giving Back to Maintain Our Legacy, Jamaica College once again displayed its reciprocal spirit.  On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, the benefactor, Dr. the Hon. R. Danny Williams along with other members of the JC family gathered in the Conference Room to bestow scholarships on fifteen students. In addition, there were three special awardees – for the Charles Astwood Scholarship and one for the Charles Drax Scholarship.

Chairman’s Opening Remarks – Mr. Kevin McCarthyK. McCarthy

“Children are our most valuable resource and we must commend those who are able to give back” Quoting Steve Jobs: “You’ll never see the full picture, connecting the dots, until you look back.’

Principal’s Welcome and remarks – Senator Ruel Reid CD. JP R Reid

“We are here as a family to celebrate excellence… Education works better with the full partnership of school, parents and children.  Sixth Formers are being encouraged to give back.  Kuti Ra got seventeen CXC subjects; any student who wants to out do him will be rewarded.  Charles Drax in his will air marked that there be an annual contribution to a deserving young man and woman.  Baruka Morris is to receive the Charles Drax scholarship.  Next year, a deserving girl from St. Andrews High will receive one.  Akeem Neil, a beneficiary from last year deserved special mention for being successful in attaining a grade one in Math in fourth form.

Past Beneficiary Appreciation- Akeem Neil Akeem Neil

He felt proud and responsible when he received the bursary and it made him stand tall.  He has promised to continue to make everyone proud.

Benefactor’s Charge- Dr. the Hon. R. Danny Williams RD Williams

The bursaries were being increased from six to fifteen and he would like to see it go to fifty.  There are several criteria for selection; it is not just need but students must attend school full time, spend time on their work as they can build on the education they receive from JC as he did.  If a good foundation is built -you can put any mansion on it.  Participate in extracurricular activities, encourage other boys to do well, be a leader.  It is a wonderful experience to achieve.  Leadership means responsibility, guiding, showing, following up and when it is not done – do it yourself!

Charles Astwood Scholarship – Dr. Lawson Dr Lawson

Dr. Lawson was a student at JC 13 years ago.  He got into JC through the kindness of Dr. Charles Astwood, his benefactor, in whose honour he named the scholarship.  He charged: Have a balanced life – study hard, play hard and do civic duty…not one or the other but all of them.  Being True Blue, he gave two full scholarships. (Recipients: Daje Gordon and Tavoy Brown)


M BernardGuest Speaker – Mr. Michael Bernard, Chairman JC Board

He is who he is because of the philanthropy of others and being a beneficiary of service over the years.  He resolved to give back to JC because he had received much.  Although he is a successful businessman who has been retired since he was in his forties, he had failed sixth Form and “offered to give the school another year”.   He has learnt since, the valuable lessons which he was willing to pass on:

  • Go to class and stay until it is over.
  • Get all your books and more from the other sources of information
  • Find out what is happening before class and prepare – Google!
  • After class, revise

You are at the gateway to your future.  You determine where it leads.  Infect the others with the spirit to achieve.

Scholarship Awardees R Danny Williams Recipients 2014

Akeem Neil (Appreciation speech)David Parish
Greg-Lee White-DixonJoseph Downer
Nicholas LobbanAsani Thompson
Duvaire Wauchope (Vote of thanks)Jennardo Taylor
Kuwayne CampbellRashied Taylor
George BarnesJoel Henriques
Nicholas FrancisShamar Thomas
Khemani Roberts
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Author: Marjorie Wright

Photographer: Dwayne Smith

Official Opening of the Jamaica College Museum

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The old boys roll back the years

The Jamaica College Foundation officially opened the JC Museum on Thursday, August 28, 2014. Did you miss it? Here is what you would have missed.

Senator Reid chaired the program in the absence of the Board Chairman Mr. Michael Bernard. He reminded the audience of Karl Drax’s desires as set out in his will, which resulted in the College as we see today.

After Rev. Fr. Michael Allen blessed the event, Mr. Ainsley Henriques, CD, gave an overview of the project. He described it as a challenge undertaken consciously and was accomplished with the help of a team of those who know more than himself. He applauded his wife Marjorie who worked tirelessly on the project.

Mr. Billy Heaven, CEO of CHASE said that JC itself is a museum as it has been around since 1789. He said the Museum is a model to present students and a frame for the future as it is passing civilization to the next generation which is the highest honour.

The Hon. R. D. Williams lauded Mr. Henriques for his effort and said he was blessed with a wife who made it all possible. He extended special thanks to Mrs. O’Sullivan for her interest and effort then provided a list of the other projects they plan to take on in the continued transformation of the school.

Hon. Ronald Thwaites was as forthright in his criticism of the society as he was full of praises for Jamaica College. He said one of the faults of our society is a lack of recorded appreciation of the history of our institutions and that JC’s Museum was an “antidote to the …nay Sayers”. He ended, “Today is an epic day. I do not know of many institutions that can boast a museum. It is an honour to be among you.”

Senator Reid closed by saying it was a proud heritage and an inspiration for all.

Author: Marjorie Wright

Jamaica College’s P.T.A. – Ready Again!

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Collin Greenland was as effusive as ever as he took to the podium to take up the mantle yet again, a proud President of the JC PTA. He welcomed the parents heartily and was pleased to see a steady stream arriving throughout the evening.

In his opening remarks, he pointed out that- “every burden is lighter when we lift it together”. While he was pleased to see the throng of parents, he was quick to point out that perhaps teachers were dissuaded from attending because of being criticized in the past, adding that the PTA was not the forum to criticize teachers. He encouraged parents to work closely with teachers to resolve issues.

Senator Reid, who is in his ninth year at JC, thanked the parents for their support over the years. He commended the new parents and told them that they had joined at an exciting time. He then regaled them with statistics and records of the school’s progress which indicate how it is now poised to do even greater things. He pointed out the school’s academic improvements this year: 50% improvement in CSEC Math, Add Math and CAPE Math. The number of students passing 5 subjects with Math and English A, saw a 48% rise over 2013. This is a staggering 262.5% improvement over the period 2006 to 2014.

“Without quality material, the finish product is not going to be the best quality. However, JC now has the quality students to compete and out do any school in Jamaica. Next year and going forward will propel us towards the top in academic performance in Jamaica.”

To drive performance, there is a need for mentoring and so there continues to be a thrust to provide the boys with mentors. New classrooms are to be constructed and the curriculum is being expanded. The school has done well in sports and has increased some five hundred percent within nine years. It is now on the momentum to academic achievement. The momentum is on!

Author and Photos: Marjorie Wright

JC’s Commencement Ceremony 2014

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Jamaica College seems to have asked the question and answered it: Why be ordinary, when you can be extra-ordinary? September 8, 2014 saw them at their extraordinary selves during their Commencement Ceremony. Mrs. Smith-White, EO, was there to bring greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

The Guest speaker, Dr. Stevenson Samuels, Chaplin at UWI, commended the school for making a complete turn around. In alluding to the parable of the planter and the seeds, he commended those who are making it a ‘good soil’ for growth.  He concluded by urging the students to trust God and do well.

Senator Reid waxed lyrical in his charge to the boys.  He declared that it was a wonderful time to be at Jamaica College and that this exciting start pointed to tremendous possibilities. He thanked everyone who had worked hard to make last year, his eighth year, a success.

In laying down the gauntlet, he reminded the current students that everything is in place for them to do well under the theme: “Jamaica College #1 school for champions in the pursuit of excellence”.  He quoted Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”. He ended with rousing applause as he did justice to Winston Churchill’s speech: “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never–in nothing, great or small, large or petty–never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense!”


Author: Marjorie Wright

Photos Contributed by: Mr. McCalla

Off to a Blazing Start

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2013 Manning Cup and Olivier Shield champions, Jamaica College, launched the 2014 ISSA/Lime Manning Cup season with a 5–0 trashing of Jonathan Grant.

Despite losing defender Zaron Sewell to a red card late in the first half, a hat trick from newcomer Akeem Shackleford in the first 29 minutes and two late goals from Junior Flemmings in the 86th and 88th minutes sealed the deal for the College.

Coach Miguel Coley declared that  the win was “not one of our best performances”. Captain Junior Flemmings, however, exclaimed that “we wanted to send a statement and I think we did that with this victory”.

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Author: Nickiesha Findley

ISSA Manning Cup Fixtures (First Round)

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Saturday, September 6Jamaica College vs Jonathon GrantMo Bay5 - 0
Friday, September 12STATHS vs Jamaica CollegeSTATHS0 - 1
Monday, September 15Jamaica College vs Norman ManleyJC3 - 0
Saturday, September 20Kingston Tech vs Jamaica CollegeKingston Technical
Tuesday, September 23Jonathon Grant vs JamaicaJonathon Grant
Monday, September 29Jamaica College vs STATHSJC
Saturday, October 4Norman Manley vs Jamaica CollegeNorman Manley
Friday, November 22Jamaica College vs Kingston CollegeJC

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