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Ryan Bowen Needs Our Help!

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[“For indeed, the body is made up not of one member but of many… Nevertheless, God has so composed the body, giving greater honor to the part that had a lack…so that its members should have mutual concern for one another.  If one member suffers, all the other members suffer with it…” 1Corinthians 12:14-26 NWT]

When Senator Reid shared with the nation the unfortunate position of young Ryan Bowen, many hearts were not merely touched but some people felt jolted.  It is always painful when we learn of an illnesses but it hurts even more when it affects one of our own.

The cry for help has gone out and we want to say a special thanks to Mrs. Marcia Anderson-Richards, the mother of Ejovis Richards of 2B, both of whom have suggested that each student could contribute $20.00 per day for the weeks leading to the end of April.  This should provide approximately $500,000 towards the fee payment.

Ryan has nasal cancer and is in urgent need of treatment which will cost JD$2million.  We urge you to support this member of our body who so desperately needs our help.  Contributions may be made to the Matilda’s Corner branch of NCB at account # 371382879.

Remember, to some, Ryan is one boy in the world but to his mother, he is her world.  Let us make every effort to help as we remember them in our prayers.

Author:         Marjorie Wright


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CHAMPS 2014  – Are You Ready For This?

 With one day left for the final events at the ISSA Boys and Girls Athletic Championships 2014, anxiety lingers in the streets and hearts of the Tru Blue Men. Everyone sits patiently waiting for our well- trained soldiers to bring back the coveted Mortimer Geddes Trophy which is rightfully ours.

Everyone, from young to old, is anxiously anticipating the result of this heart-wrecking, finger-sweating, nerves racking competition. Rohan Cruise also known as Van Cruzo, one of Jamaica College’s most vibrant teachers, believes that Jamaica College emissaries are going to pull off an eventful and memorable victory because we have a legacy to uphold. He stated that the Dark Blue Soldiers tend to do best in the field events. As a result, he thinks the field events will play an integral part in JC winning CHAMPS.

Senator Ruel Reid, our chief commander, has high hopes that Jamaica College will be victorious this year and highlighted the school’s legacy of winning the ISSA Boys Athletic Championships twenty one (21) times since 1910. His message to everyone is – “watch out for the dark blues.”

As the College gears up for the conclusion of CHAMPS with the boosting of the jubilant vibes mistress and teacher, Ms. Nickiesha Findley, along with the sea of blue in cheers such as “JC, a big side,” and “when I say J, you say C” and student artists such as Sad Sad, DJ Baruka and Jevaughny & Jarebo, there are those who believe that Calabar High is going to repeat history. They say while CHAMPS is going on, they will continue to keep the faith by supporting our Tru Blue warriors.

The point standings after six finals are currently JC 42, KC 30.5, Calabar 21, STGC 16 and Edwin Allen 15.

Here we have the views of the teachers and students. Who do you believe – the prediction analysis masters, students or the age old rusty betters, the teachers?

Author: Saied Beckford & Ms. N. Wright - Journalism Club writer

JC Robotics 2014 –“Mixed Fortune”

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The Team at Syosset Tournament

The Jamaica College’s Robotic Team traveled to Syosset High School in Long Island, USA, to participate in the annual robotic tournament.  They arrived on the 27th of February, with one day before the event.  The inspection went well and the judges were impressed by the team’s effort to raise funds to compete in the U.S.A.  They were particularly intrigued by the engineering notebook, the documentations and their succession programme.

The team attributed the lackluster performance to the late arrival of robot parts in Jamaica. In spite of the missing details and a lack of practice, they managed to win two of their five competitions.

Although team 3981 was nominated for three awards, they did not win any.  However, they were awarded the fifth overall best team in the tournament.  This allowed them to advance to the Championship.

The Big Decisions

Since only one team had advanced, to accommodate the budget, eight students had to return to Jamaica and six remained in the USA.

They had to redesign the robot which meant raising funds to buy new parts.  In order to do this, they gave up a room at the hotel and combined the robots, (6899 and 3981) for the championship.  The changes were completed the night before the event at the Polytechnic Tournament.  Because of the inferior design, compared to the competitors, and a lack of practice, they were not as competitive as they would have liked but they were nominated for the Judges Award.

Dinner with the Old Boys

The team was cheered when they were treated to dinner by the JC Old Boys from the New York Chapter.  The old boys expressed their pride and promised their support for the schools future efforts.

The team believes it could have done better if the parts had arrived earlier from the USA and if they had enough time to practice.  They are proud of their effort despite the challenges.  The Jamaica College Family is very proud of them and wishes to thank the members of the Club and teachers who represented the school.  Special thanks to President Japheth Clarke who supplied the feedback.

Author:         Marjorie Wright

Ruel Reid Cup goes to De La City

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Rohan ‘Van Cruzo’ Cruise celebrates with his winning team, De La City

With a 1-0 victory over Chair_ManCity (5H), De La City (6B) are the winners of the 2014 Purewater JC Wembley Champions League. Arguably the favourites to win from the outset, 6B managed to hold off strong defense from the sole fifth form team left standing in the competition to capture the Ruel Reid Cup.

For complete review of the 2014 Purewater JC Wembley Competition visit:

Sean-Douglas Gooden makes 2014 CARIFTA Swim Team

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Second form swimming sensation Sean-Douglas Gooden has been named to Jamaica’s swim team for the 2014 CARIFTA Swim Championship. The games are slated to be held in Savaneta, Aruba from April 22 -26.

Sean-Douglas tells us that “as an all rounder, I may be featured in more than one event. However, the selection for the various events has not yet been finalized”.

He will swim in the 13-14 boys’ category.

For a complete listing of the 2014 CARIFTA swim team, visit

For up to date news on amateur swimming in Jamaica, visit

Contributor: Keron Mais

Editor: Nickiesha Findley

Photo Courtesy of: Jamaica Gleaner online

On the Ground Champs Report

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Damion Johnson
2006 Under 17 CARIFTA Shot Put Gold Medalist, Coach (Throws)

I am confident and optimistic going into Champs because the guys have been doing well this season thus far. Currently, we have two athletes who are capable of getting medals. Team Captain Alec-Verne Longmore in Class 1 Shot and Disc and Class 2 Shot Balvin Richards. They are the two top returners from last season and they have been progressing well.

Outside of the throws, the half milers have been doing well, the jumpers and pole-vaulters have been doing well and a couple sprinters have been posting some good marks.

Over the years, JC has never been favourites to win Champs; we are the ‘underdogs’, but my personal belief is we can be in the top two this year.

Alec-Verne Longmore
Class 1 Shot Put and Discus, Team Captain

My thoughts going into Champs are positive. The season has been up and down but I believe I can win the double.

Athlete Profile


Obrien Wasome
Class 1 Long Jump, Triple Jump

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I am favourited for two events and I am expecting two gold medals.

JC has always been the ‘underdog’ but track alone doesn’t win Champs and we are the strongest in the fields.

Athlete Profile


Rohan Walker
Class 1 200m, 4x100m, 4x400m

I am just going out there to do my personal best. I feel comfortable and I am hopeful for a medal but for right now I am just resting.

Despite what is in the media, we are not afraid of any competition.

Athlete Profile


Waseem Williams
Class 1 100m, 4x100m

I am feeling confident and going in to get a medal and gain some points for my team.

Right now it’s all about building confidence. We are in the unloading phase and taking off the stress off the muscles and trying to get free.

Everyone is a rival. I am now an ‘underdog’ and trying to get back my spot. Overall, JC will do well, just wait and see.




Athlete Profile



David Powell
Hurdles (Coach), Sprints (Assistant Coach)

I am confident going into Champs, it’s all up to the boys now to come through.

The standout hurdlers this year are Jordan Robert (Class 3) and Tyler Mason (Class 1). The training season was up and down but we achieved the majority of what we wanted to. All being well, we should be well into the top 3 for Saturday.

At this stage we are trying to keep the boys healthy and get them rested.

Profiling the Turnaround Principal

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When Ian Boyne, the moderator of the popular interview show, Profile, dubbed Senator Reid ‘the turnaround Principal’, many people were not aware of his long list of accomplishments.  Thankfully, they have been enlightened and are now better able to appreciate the magnitude of the man.  Since there have been many articles highlighting his career, this article seeks to reiterate some of the specific characteristics highlighted which are crucial to his effectiveness.

Senator Reid is the son of a farmer and his mother was a house wife.  He did not allow these facts of life to be a stumbling block but he learnt to value hard work by observing his parents.  Because he saw his father’s industriousness, he developed a culture that celebrates diligence.

How does he manage disappointments?  He has leant to be reflective, forgiving, and he has come to realize that he should be grateful for criticism, as criticism makes one stronger. This is a lesson he hopes to transmit to the children in his care and the country as a whole.  The leaders, he believes, must be examples of managing conflict.  They must lead by example.

A leader must be a motivator and he has tried to motivate his team during his weekly “cabinet” meetings.  Children are rewarded through incentive programs and he tries to keep all honest through the customer satisfaction survey.

He proved he was not just profiling when he made his closing remarks which many teachers hope he could really bring about:  “Every teacher should have a Masters Degree. Teachers should be the most highly trained and the most highly paid.”  This last remark has endeared him to more teachers than he will ever know.

Author: Marjorie Wright

Left-Right-Left! – Cadets on Parade!

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Lt. Sakina Grant – Officer Commanding, was in fine form on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 when she led her platoon for inspection. The event took place at the Jamaica College campus at 15:00 hrs.

There was a display in front of the Headquarters observed by inspecting Officer Lt. Col. A1 Stewart Gaynor and Senator Reid (Principal). This was led by Parade Sergeant Major; Sgt. Brown S. (Shumba) Each platoon was paraded after which a march past was conducted by Lt. S. Grant.

The Cadets engaged in instructional classes in areas of field craft, map reading and service knowledge. In addition, there was a quarter master administrative inspection. The events ended with an award ceremony. The result from the inspection should be available by Friday, March 21, 2014.

Author: Marjorie Wright

Our Parents are Winners Too

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Jamaica College P.T.A hosted the National Parents Teachers’ Association, held on the 30th November 2013 in the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium.  They also won two computers for the P.T.A Shop by virtue of having the largest contingent.

Mr. Collin Greenland, president of the Jamaica College P.T.A. proudly welcomed those present as active stake holders.  He commended the principal Mr. R. Reid, for never missing a P.T.A. meeting in four years.

Bites from the Meeting

Dr. Charles-Freeman- “Better parenting is the key to a better nation.”

Senator Reid- “A good students is made in the womb. People should plan to be parents, so that they can have a healthy baby that can absorb what is being taught.”

Ms. Sherion Hanson- “The more involved parents are the more likely the children are to be successful.”

Rev. Ronald Thwaites- “Becoming a parent is the most important job you will have.”

“It is a tremendous reproach to take parenting lightly. Slavery destroyed the family.  Today the Hedonism culture has not helped.  We have ambushed our own future.  Without solid families, all the fame and talent will go out the window.”

“Let the boys read something everyday.  They are lagging 20% behind the girls”.

We continue to love and to inspire our boys, trusting that they will come to appreciate our efforts and that they will strive to be men we are proud to have nurtured.

Author: Marjorie Wright

Bronze Medal Finish

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Unable to weaken Mona High School’s defense and secure a clear win in semifinal action on March 17, the fate of the Under 19 team hinged on the outcome of a penalty shoot-out. And it was not to be for the defending champions as they failed to send Mona packing.

Third place playoff, however, saw the team defeating Campion College to stake their claim on the bronze. A valiant effort nonetheless.

Until next season, Fervet!

Author: Nickiesha Findley

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