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Clubs and Societies

Four H (4H)

The objective of the 4H is to build community and skills through agriculture, focusing on value added products while developing agricultural practices and skills.


The aim of the drama club is to promote and facilitate the artistic expression of self while providing entertainment and recreation for the school community.

Debating Society

The Debating Society aims to develop students’ general awareness, public speaking, argument and debating skills. As such, they host internal and external debates and discussions centered on current affairs and engage in other activities such as training workshops, fund-raising for charitable organizations.

Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF)

You have never experienced this much fun and fellowship in Christ. Activities include inter-clubbing with other schools, visiting children’s homes, Bible study sessions, concerts, discussions, evangelism, discipleship, seminars, camps, leadership training and walkathons.

Cultural Drumming

This club is a unique and creative experience for both those musically gifted, and those not.

The students have been taught how to use the proper technique for playing a drum as this is very important for clarity of each rhythm (different types of drums have different tones). Jamaican indigenous rhythms were next on the list which are as follows:

  1. Bingi( Rasta )
  2. Bruckins
  3. Maroon
  4. Kumina
  5. Johnkuno
  6. Tambo
  7. Ghere
  8. Revival

Robotics Club

The FIRST Robotics Club was formed to inspire high school students to be science and technology leaders and to pursue higher education and careers. It also engages students to cultivate engineering and technological skills through innovative thinking.

The Jamaica College Robotics Club recently returned from New York, where the team competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Competition. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an international organization with the mission of transforming modern culture by celebrating science and technology and encouraging more students to be interested in pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. The contest challenged student-designed-built-and-operated robots to fetch plastic rings and hangs them on a rack.

Not only did the 10-member senior team earned a place to be one of 160 teams to compete in the World Championships in St Louis, Missouri, in April, they also won the Inspire award. The award recognizes a team that not only is a strong competitor on the field, but also sets an outstanding example through the conduct of its members in showing team spirit and gracious professionalism towards other teams.

Interact Club

Interact is a service organization that works in conjunction with Rotary International to organize community and international service projects. The club welcomes everyone to their weekly meetings.

Art Club

Members of the Art Club are taught to appreciate the visual and performing arts. They continually engage in activities that sharpen their skills. They are encouraged to be expressive and innovative thinkers while their activities reinforce the importance of teamwork and other values that apply to their general lives. Members engage in portrait art and the human figure for example as well as delve in mixed media in terms of portrait art.

Junior Achievement Company of Jamaica (JACE)

The Junior Achievement Company of Jamaica College, Grandiose Merchandise has as its mission statement to satisfy their customers’ wants in ways that will be profitable; in fashion with their customer; profitable in capital in their company and profitable for their environment with it being cleaner and healthier. Their vision is to make what they learn be enrolled in their doings as entrepreneurial men within this country. With core values of honesty,

Integrity, loyalty and excellence JACE has approximately 35 clubs at present.

United Nations

The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. The United Nations Club at Jamaica College has participated in the United Nations practice model assembly on global warming, and the impact larger nations (developed countries) have on small island states (developing countries). The  club has also participated in the actual UNAJ Model Assembly. After a late judging, the club was placed 4th by 2 points in the debate. The club at present has approximately 15 active members.

Key Club

Key Club International is both a service and social club. Jamaica College’s Key Club has been very active by: meeting every week, Inter-clubbing, service projects and fund-raisers; this is done in order to get Jamaica College’s name known locally and internationally.  The Club visits children’s homes, basic schools, primary schools, and homes for the aged and street people and has completed over 1,000 service projects some of which have been recognized nationally and internationally.

Newspaper Club

Jamaica College Newspaper club has 38 members. The members have been actively engaged in journalistic writing by writing and submitting articles. The club has engaged in a number of workshops facilitated by the Youthlink editor of The Gleaner Company. The Gleaner Company has also offered assistance by providing two of their professional photographers to train the club’s photographer. The club is presently working on the school’s newspaper.

Chess Club

The Jamaica College Chess club has had a high success rate. They have generated over 105 members and train twice per week with Master Geoffrey Byfield who has high hopes for the team of becoming urban and all-island chess champions. The club presently participates in high school tournaments.

School’s Challenge Quiz

The members of the quiz team can always be found studying. During the School’s Challenge Quiz season they train  from Mondays to Fridays from 4 pm  until 10 pm. Regular junior members are given assignments to study and build their knowledge each day. The team also actively engages in practice matches with other high schools.

School Band

The school band trains its members in mastery of the selected instrument of their choice.  The band plays for devotion on a regular basis as well as other school events.  Members practice on a regular basis and rehearse different pieces regarding the event being prepared for.

The Jamaica College Cadet Unit

The Cadet unit is always recruiting members. Members participates in a number of activities such as flag raising ceremonies, graduation and whatever special event held at the school.  Members also regularly attend camps to learn and/or sharpen whatever skills learnt.

Tourism Action Club (TAC) – Managed through the Jamaica Tourist Board’s Tourism Awareness Unit, students are sensitized to the value of tourism to Jamaica and the role each one can play in ensuring that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean tourist destination.

Spanish Club

The Club promotes multiculturalism and a love of languages. Members interact with foreign students from other schools/clubs, go on cultural interest trips, and undertake school projects in Spanish.

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