Cultural Drummers


In small pockets I have been giving the drummers exposure to different types of events/performance. Here is a list of places we have been This Term.

1) Playing for the launch of the east south high way.

2 ) Three community workshops MONA COMMON

Sessions were held at the community center and The team was invited by Manifesto Ja as a part of the Manifesto series.

3) Rubis Headquarters – Staff Luncheon

3) JDF Christmas Treat

5) Rubis Inpluse Art Festival

6) The NATIONAL Student council ( conference)

7) National Drug abuse conference.

8) UWI Law Conference

9) JC Achievement Day

10) JC PTA

11) Architect Association of Jamaica Evening Awards and Recognition

12) JPSCU – Performances

This is what I remember pardon moi.

From the Grand Gala I have been drawing the out one by one.

cultural drum ensemble

The Cultural Drummers Ensemble is geared towards cultivating a space for students to be exposed to traditional Jamaican Drum Music. The Society provides training that enables the youngster to perform at several External and internal functions.



Being a multiple Award-winning Ensemble in competitions such as the Jamica Cultural Development Commission JCDC the core aims to always provide an avenue for students to participate in Jamaica College Culture of Excellence.