SPORTS – 1950 period


JC 1950 Boxing champs
1950 Boxing picture: Standing:   C.S. Beckford, D.I. Gabay, H.A. Prendergast, C.H.Tomlinson Sitting:   V.E. Prendergast, A.L.Grant,   B.M. Excell (Captain),  K.E. Bair, H.R. Bramwell


JC 1950 Minor Cup Team
1950 MINOR CUP CRICKET CHAMPIONS: Standing: A.O. Lindo, N.B.T. Adams,A.L. Grant, R.L. Hendrickson, B.M. Excell, L.A. Lawson, A. Foote, G.A.Nethersole Sitting:    Mr. A.D. Young, Mr. E.V. Ellington, MajorG. Allen (Capt), Mr. H.A. Hall, Mr. L.A. Robinson


JC 1951 Boxing Team
1951 INTER SCHOOL BOXING CHAMPIONS: Back: Mr. L.A. Robinson(Sports Master) Mr. T.K. Wint (Coach), Standing:D.O. Minott, H.R. Bramwell, J. A. Maxwell, V.E.Prendergast Sitting: O.C. Hutchinson, C.H. Tomlinson, A.L. Grant (Capt), C.S.Beckford, B. Clare


JC 1952 Boxing champs
1952 INTER SCHOOL BOXING CHAMPIONS: Back: Mr. T.K. Wint(Coach), Mr. L.A. Robinson (Sports Master) Standing:L.E. Villalon, D.I. Gabay, C.L. Willacy, H.R. Bramwell, D.O. Minott, C.S.Beckford Sitting:   W.R.St.E.McKenzie, R.T. Moody, J.A. Maxwell (Capt), V.E. Prendergast, L.S.L. Jones Front: A. Anderson, B. Clare, O.C.Hutchinson

JC 1952 Champs Team

1952 INTER-SECONDARY – CHAMPIONSHIP SPORTS WINNERS: Back Row: M. Maxwell, E.D. Jones, P. Powell, T.A. Patterson, E.S.Redshaw, N.A.P. Chinnon Middle Row:  H.V. Nethersole, C.A.Gaynair, H.A. Hamilton,J.A. Stockhausen, Mr. G.C. Foster (Coach), H.R. Bramwell, L.T. Warmington,  R.D. Marley, L.S.L. Jones Front Row: F.L. Hall, A.B. Ewart, J. A.Maxwell,  K.E. Bair (Capt.), R.T. Moody,L.A. Lawson), W.R. St.E. McKenzie

JC 1952 Hockey

1952 HENRIQUES CUP CHAMPIONS: Standing: L – R:  H.A. Wright, L.E. Myers, N.L. Mair, L.T.Warmington, H.S. Chin, R.S. Tai Ten Quee Sitting: L – R: L.A. Lawson, T.R. Theobalds, K.E.Bair (Captain), L.S.L. Jones, A.O. Lindo (Absent from photo – D.G. Mair)



(jointly with Wolmer’s – both had the same record score)

Back:      B.G. Griffiths                                            W. D. Swaby
Sitting:  E.A. Blennerhassett,  R.A. Newman,                           D. Alberga,  P.E. Levy
Front:                                                  D.L. McHardy
Absent:  A. H. Croskery










Standing: A.I. Quintian, B.G. Griffiths, A. Reynolds, R. Henriques, P. Levy
Sitting:  D.O. Levy. C.D. deMontagnac (Captain), J.B. Stephenson, W.D. Swaby
Not in photo: W.A. Foster