Sixth Form Association 

The Sixth Form Association (SFA) is the ideal association for student leadership in every aspect of school life – school captain, prefects, athletes, club presidents, artists and performers – to interact. This association serves as a doorway to long lasting friendships with future graduates from different schools. Jamaica College SFA works very closely with our sister school St. Andrew High School for Girls, to collaborate on projects – a tradition that has lasted many years. 

SFA does a lot of inter-clubbing, not only with our sister school, but also with St. Hughs, Merl Grove and Wolmers Girls. At the end of each school year the lower sixth students plan and host a dinner for JC and St. Andrew High, which too is a long-standing tradition. 

The association is supervised by Mrs. D. South-Bourne and the President, David-John Richards. Meetings are every other Tuesday. All sixth formers are encouraged to work.