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VolleyBall News: JC Volleyball


Jamaica College Makes History with First-Ever Win in Volleyball.

In a historic moment for Jamaica College (JC), the school’s volleyball team has clinched its first-ever victory in the sport, marking a significant milestone in the institution’s athletic journey. This triumph not only showcases the team’s dedication and hard work but also highlights the growing prominence of volleyball within Jamaica’s sporting landscape.

The journey to this remarkable achievement has been one of perseverance and determination. For years, the JC volleyball team has been steadily improving, honing their skills, and overcoming obstacles. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with the guidance of their coaches and the unwavering support of the school community, has finally paid off in a momentous win.

The significance of this victory extends beyond the scoreboard. It symbolizes the power of teamwork, resilience, and belief in oneself. It demonstrates that with passion and dedication, any goal can be achieved, no matter how daunting the challenge may seem.

For the players, coaches, and supporters of Jamaica College, this win is a source of immense pride and joy. It is a testament to their collective effort and a reminder of what can be accomplished when individuals come together with a common purpose.

Moreover, this triumph is a source of inspiration for future generations of JC students. It serves as a reminder that no dream is too big and no obstacle too great to overcome. It instills a sense of belief and possibility, encouraging others to pursue their passions relentlessly and to never give up on their aspirations.

As Jamaica College celebrates this historic moment, it is also a time to reflect on the importance of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the invaluable lessons learned through competition. The journey to success is not always easy, but it is the challenges we face along the way that make the victories all the more meaningful.

With their first-ever win in volleyball, Jamaica College has carved out a place for themselves in the annals of sporting history. It is a moment to be cherished, celebrated, and remembered for years to come. As they continue their journey, may they carry the spirit of this triumph with them, inspiring others to reach for the stars and never stop believing in their ability to achieve greatness.

JC clinched a victory over Papine High with a score line of 3-1 in the U19 Regional Finals, solidifying their advancement with a notable performance. This win propels JC forward, setting the stage for their participation in the highly anticipated All Island/National Finals, with the exact date awaiting confirmation. With their triumph secured, JC demonstrates their prowess and determination as they prepare to compete at the national level.

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the heat is on!!!

On March 11, 2024, Monday, in the semi-finals, J.C. secured a commanding victory over Wolmers with a resounding 3-0 win, showcasing their prowess on the field. Looking ahead to March 14, 2024, Thursday, anticipation mounts as J.C. prepares to face off against Papine in the U19 Regional Finals at the UWI Mona Bowl. With the stakes higher than ever, J.C. aims to harness their strength and determination, striving for triumph in this pivotal match on their journey to sporting glory.

In a dazzling display of athleticism and determination, Jamaica College (JC) asserted its dominance in the ISSA volleyball championship, igniting the court with its skillful prowess.

Their journey to victory began on the 19th of February, when they clashed with the formidable Calabar High School. With unwavering focus and strategic precision, JC emerged triumphant, showcasing its superior teamwork and talent.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, JC faced off against Hillel Academy on the 20th of February. In a showdown of skill and strategy, they demonstrated their unrivaled strength on the court, securing another resounding victory and solidifying their place as contenders for the championship title.

The momentum continued to surge as JC squared off against Campion College and Camperdown High on the 22nd of February. With unyielding determination and a passion for excellence, they swept through their opponents with the most recent match ending in JC defeating Camperdown 3 – 1, leaving no doubt of their supremacy in the tournament. Click the image for more!

With each match, Jamaica College exemplified the essence of sportsmanship and dedication, inspiring awe and admiration from fans and competitors alike. Their unwavering commitment to excellence propelled them to the pinnacle of success in the ISSA volleyball championship, etching their names in the annals of sporting greatness.

Volleyball at Jamaica College

Volleyball is not typically a sport taught in Primary school and newly introduced to high school students. You will find that most of our JC sports-minded students would take this on as a second sport. He also referenced some brilliant boys who are doing no other sport but have caught on quickly because of their brilliant minds and aptitude.


The finals are here…click on the image to watch the match.

The Semi-Finals were well played….watch the exciting match to see how we faired out.

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If you cannot make it to the Jamaica College’s Auditorium, join us online.

Tuesday March 14 @ 3pm

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See below, the highlights of the February 14 match against Camperdown. Enjoy.

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Click on the image to the left for the Highlights of the match played on February 17, 2023

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Congratulations… on to the Finals!

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