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Sixth Form Resource Center

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The Conflict Resolution Course

Scroll through for a scholarship that can fulfill your needs.  For assistance, visit the Guidance Department.

The Professor Colin McKenzie

6 th form scholarship

Scholarship Recipient:
The Scholarship recipient will be awarded $150,000.00, which will be paid out
during the first term of the school year. The duration of the scholarship is for
one year with the possibility of renewal for the second year of 6 th form.

The student receiving the Bursary shall fulfil all of the following criteria:
i) Attended JC for at least 3 years prior to applying to 6 th form
ii) Attained a minimum of 8 CSEC subjects with grades 1 or 2.
iii) Represented the school in a recognized extracurricular
iv) Proven financial need
v) Renewal for a second year based on attainment of at least4 CAPE 1 subjects with grades 1 or 2 and continued
involvement in recognized extracurricular activities.
vi) Interview will be done for students who are short-listed.


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Hi All ,

N.C.B. Foundation Scholarship and Grant programme is now Open!

N.C.B. Foundation has set a bold aspiration to play a pivotal role in accelerating the digital transformation of Jamaica by expanding our country’s pool of digital producers.

atm Our tertiary scholarships and grants will primarily be focused on the areas of study highlighted:
triangle Software Development
triangle Computer Science/engineering
triangle User Experience Design
triangle Robotics/Biotech engineering
triangle Animation/Video Game Development
triangle Cyber-Security
triangle Data Science
triangle Analytics
triangle Artificial Intelligence
triangle Machine Learning
imac How to apply?
We invite interested applicants to visit n‌‌cb‌‌sc‌‌ho‌‌lar‌s‌‌h‌i‌p‌s.‌‌c‌‌om to complete their applications using the appropriate link. triangle Application
July 16, 2021
bubble Let’s spread the word!
If you are aware of students in your communities who are in need, please encourage them to apply to the programme to aid in their studies and their future success!

GraceKennedy Foundation 2020 Annual LectureThe GraceKennedy Foundation sends this letter to you as we are aware that a lot of students were not able to attend our virtual Annual Lecture.  We recommend that the link be sent to students at the CAPE level studying business subjects, Geography and Environmental Science. We would appreciate it if you circulate this information to the teachers responsible for these subjects.

Last year Dr. Margaret Jones Williams, spoke on the topic: “The Decade of Action Begins: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Leaving No One Behind.” This lecture explored the adoption of the SDGs, the progress to date and the global challenges such as COVID-19, climate change and natural disasters that have already eroded the development gains. It focuses on the Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean region, which despite middle-income status and moderate to high human development indices, still experience relatively poor economic growth, high impacts from natural disasters, rising crime and gender inequity. The GraceKennedy Foundation recognizes that the SDGs should be an avenue to address these issues and that there is a need to strengthen national capacities, broaden partnerships, including with the student population, in the effort to ensure we ‘Leave No One Behind’.

The lecture book is available on our website: .  Also, a  recording of the 2020 lecture can be found in its entirety on the GraceKennedy YouTube channel at the following link

GraceKennedy Foundation

Caroline Mahfood (Mrs.)

Procedures for Selection of School Captain

1. Let prefects know they can apply for School Captain and outline the
2. Send the application form to prefects
3. After applicants have submitted their application, staff made aware of the
candidates for their input.
4. Applicants are interviewed.
5. Meet with all selected candidates to give them an overview of
expectations, their responsibilities and the campaigning guidelines.
6. Candidates can commence online campaigning, through flyers, videos and
addressing form classes during devotion time etc.(2 weeks)
7. Town Hall meeting with the entire school, each candidate given 5 minutes
to speak to students and Teachers. Q&A session
8. Voting online : Students 1 vote=1 point: Teachers 1 vote=2 points
Straight tally to decide who wins.
1 st Place – School Captain
2 nd Place- 1 st V. Captain
3 rd Place- 2 nd V. Captain
Other candidates- Senior Prefects.

Proposed Dates for 2021 Process
April 27 th : Prefects’ Meeting
May 3 rd : Submission of Applications
May 5 th : Names Circulated to teachers for input.
May 10-14 th Interviews and meeting with selected candidates.
May 17-28 th Campaigning
May 31 st Town Hall Meeting
June 2 nd Voting
June 4 th Results

Financing Tertiary Education Webinar for JC students – YouTube Link:

Old boys return to JC to share their experience – YouTube Link:













Yale Young Global Scholars info 1 – Read before Oct. 25 2021 so you can join the Webinar

Yale Young Global Scholars info 2

Want to study in the USA?


Ramsay Enrichment Scholarship Program (RESP) where we work to assist students to attend colleges in the USA.

You can also speak with our Guidance Counsellor, Mrs. Henry for more details. Email [email protected]

The conflict resolution course:

Recommendation from VP Wong