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2023-2024 Milestone

Interclubbing with the Immaculate Conception High School Chess Club on Monday, April 15, 2024

On November 9 &10, 2023, the Jamaica College Chess Team entered four teams in the National High Schools Chess Championships, held at Calabar High School. The team members are:

Team A: Kashka Jones, Samuel Lin (Captain), Shamir Graham, Joshua McIntosh, and Ernest Hoo Kim III.

Team B: Aundrae Chang Jr, Jashon Levy, Shiloh Chantrelle, Maurice Gayle, Aaron Allen, and Steve Porter.

Team C: Howard Campbell (President), Beckham Cornwall, Israel Allen, Ajani Shirley, Vijay Mais, Jorell Anthony-Brown.

Team D: Joshua Thompson, Howard Wallace, Brandon Wallace, Kevin Williams, Dominic Brooks, and Jamie Morrison.

The boys persevered and at the end of zone competitions, Team A qualified in 3rd place (Zone 2a) and the B team finished in 4th place (Zone 2b). On January 26 and 27, 2024, both teams advanced to the playoffs hosted by Belair High School in Manchester. At the end of those two days, they placed 6th and 7th respectively and earned a spot in the finals.

On March 7 & 8, 2024, teams A and B travelled to the National High Schools Chess Championships hosted by Glenmuir High School in Clarendon.  This being their first time in the finals, the teams gained invaluable experience and knowledge about the various plays and moves that made them win and lose in every round. On the final day, teams B &A finished 16th and 17th respectively, out of the 32 schools that entered.

The Jamaica College Chess Club is grateful for the support of the faculty adviser, coaches and administrative staff. It is hoped that with our recent commendable achievements, the Chess Club will attract more support and recognition. For the coming school year, the team plans to conduct inter-form competitions to find new players to replace members who will graduate at the end of this school year.


Mrs Kethjoy Watson

Faculty Advisor

2022-2023 Milestone

Jamaica College Junior Chess team did very well this year.

2019 Milestone

(L-R) Nikit Gupte (brd 3), Christopher Lyn (Brd 1), Tevin Campbell (brd 2), Rameze Thorpe (Brd 4).Gentlemen,Meet the Jamaica College A-Team which tonight was 3rd in the Country in Chess behind St Jago High (6th time Champ), & St Catherine High School (2nd consecutive runner up finish).

JC finished points ahead of all Corporate Area Urban teams and received the Top Urban trophy. This was the 6th Urban Title for JC, (1982,83,84,85, 2017 & 2019).

Board 1: Christopher Lyn, transferred from Excelsior High, in the summer, he was unbeaten on 5,5pts from 6 games, including he got our only point against St Jago beating FM Joshua Christie. He won best Board 1 prize. Now in 4th form, he was formerly at St Judes Primary. 1st year playing for JC.
Board 2: Tevin Campbell, JC from 1st form. Now in 5th form he was also formerly at St Judes Primary. 4th year on A-Team.
Board 3: Nikit Gupte, JC from 1st form. Now in 6B, citizen of India. 5th year on A-team.
Board 4: Rameze Thorpe, joined JC in 6B form from Wolmer’s Boys. Also formerly at St Judes Primary. 1st year playing for JC.The St Jude boys played together years ago in the Prep/Primary Team championship.We want to thank you for different things you did to inspire and assist us.

Cheers.. Fervet..

Our History:

Chess in Jamaica started officially in 1969 with the founding of the Jamaica Chess Federation with  Enos Grant, an Attorney being the first President. The Jamaica Chess Federation became a member of the World body of Chess (FIDE) in 1972. The National High Schools Chess Championships had its first finals in 1975. Conrad Grant, son of Enos Grant, started at JC around that time, and by 1982 along with Michael Siva (Captain), David Nichols, Stuart King, Malden Miller, and others Jamaica College won its first National Chess Championship then known as the Worker’s Bank All-Island High School’s Chess Championships.

Jamaica College was to repeat again as Champions in 1983 under the Captaincy of Malden Miller, with Stuart King, Terence Lindo, Wayne Henry, Zak Mars, & Colin McKenzie. JC was once again in the Finals the following year 1983 under the Captaincy of Terence Lindo, with Stuart King, Mark Crawford, Zak Mars, & Colin McKenzie. This time we shared the Title with St. Jago High. In 1984 under the Captaincy of Stuart King, with Mark Crawford, Zak Mars, & Colin McKenzie Jamaica College once again made the Finals again sharing the title this time with Kingston College.

The Jamaica College Chess team was also awarded a trophy for the best Urban team in those victories as the rural title went to the respective top school from the Rural area.

In 2010 the JC Chess club was revived under the guidance of National Master Geoffrey Byfield and in the 2012-2013 school year, the school returned to the National Chess Championships and qualified to the Quarter-Finals of the Urban Chess Championship this time Sponsored by RBTT Bank. In September of 2013 former Captain and member of 2 victorious Championships teams, Terence Lindo, who is now a FIDE National Instructor as well as a FIDE International Organizer, returned to his alma mater and took over the chess program.  Under Coach Lindo the chess club grew steadily and improved their performances.

The A team returned to the Quarter-Finals of the Urban Area Chess Championships in 2013-2014 after surviving a very difficult playoff against Meadowbrook High. The 2014-2015 season was a standout year as both the JC “A” and “B” teams qualified to the quarter finals with the “A” team making it to the semi-finals. The 2016-2017 was the year the hard work paid off as the JC “A” team was 4th in the 16 Team Finals of the PCJ/Petrojam National All-Island Chess Championships and was once again the top Urban School winning that award for the 5th time in our history, this time after a 33 year drought. In the 2017-18 the “A” team finished 10th overall in the Finals of the PCJ/Petrojam National All-Islands Chess Championships relinquishing our place as the top Urban Chess School.

Other Milestones:

Jamaica College boasts several National Junior Chess champions:

Michael Siva first won in 1980, followed some time later by John Tobisch and Jonathan Orgill.

The next event is the Finals of the National High School Chess Championships 2018/19 which will be 2 days at the PCJ Auditorium, Feb 28th & March 1st 2019 starting at 9:30 a.m.

Our current (2018/19) “A” team is Christopher Lyn local rating (2024) board 1, Tevin Campbell (1636) board 2, Nikit Gupte (1643) board 3, and Rameze Thorpe (1602) board 4.

Meet our Team

To join the club speak to Coach Terence Lindo 876-804-3728 [email protected].

Chess Club meets in room G4 on the Gore building. Monday,  Wednesday & Thursday after school until 4:00 p.m.

Coach Terence Lindo holding the PCJ/Petrojam National High School’s Chess All island 4th place trophy (left hand) and the Top Urban School Champion trophy (right-hand).

It was the first time since the 1984-85 Season that Jamaica College was the top Urban Chess School.

JC “A” Team that was Urban Chess Champions 2015/16

(l-r) Nikit Gupte, Tevin Campbell, David Rose, & Malik Curriah

The JC “A” Team which upset Wolmer’s Boys and made it to the Semi-Finals of the Urban Area Chess Championships 2014/5.

(l-r) Glendon Gordon, Jaleel Richards, Sajay McIntosh, David Rose

Jamaica College wins in 1982 Squad
Front: Z Mars
Front Row: (l-r) C. McKenzie, T Lindo, B Campbell, W. Henry
2nd Row 9l-r) M. Miller, S. King, C. Murray
Back Row (l-r) C. Grant, M. Siva (Capt), R. White, D. Nichols