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JC Cadet unit

Jamaica College Cadet Unit

The Cadet Force is a Voluntary Youth Organization, sponsored by the Government, and taking in both military and Community Activities. Its purpose is to develop among its members the qualities of:

a. Leadership
b. Discipline
c. Good Citizenship and the spirit of service to God and Country

Jamaica College has an active Cadet unit that trains regularly. The training is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm to 4:30 pm. The training location is at the back of the school near to the Hawkeye office.

Names of those who Participated: 

  • Daniel Parchment (Team Leader) 
  • Roshane Fraser 
  • Tyrell Pascoe
  • Taiwai Robinson 
  • Najey Allison 
  • Timothy-Jordan Blake 
  • Horace Murdock 
  • Sanjay Shaw

It is interesting to note that our Principal, Mr. Wayne Robinson, was once in the cadets. He was company sergeant major (CSM), the highest ranking member in his time.

Recently, in February 2023, the cadet unit members got together and gave their headquarters a “face lift”.

To observe the cadets in a training session, click the image to the left.

THE CalL for new JC Cadets

Any questions, email: [email protected] and [email protected]

Click here to apply: Registration Form

The cadets also have outreach activities which incudes the visiting of other schools.

one of such schools was Emmanuel Prep for a flag raising on Jamaica Day. It was well received.

We also visited Queen’s high school for a donation drive for a Girl’s home in 2023.

JC Cadets participate in major activities at the school. Like the start of Jamaica Day, by taking in the Flag and waiting until the National Anthem is sung before marching out.

Flashback to prior years