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Application Steps to JC’s sixth form


Steps Remarks
Step 1: Read the sixth form pre-requisites and the subject combination documents before completing the application form. Verify that you qualify for sixth form before applying.
Step 2: Pay application fee of $2,000.00 to: JC Front office – cash, debit/credit card OR Bank Account NCB #371004424 OR Online banking (Chequing Account Branch: Matilda’s Corner, Kingston. Account Name: Jamaica College SDF)   Disclaimer: JC students currently at Lower Sixth form are not required to pay the application fee.
Step 3: Email proof of payment/receipt number, to:
[email protected]  
Proof of payment MUST have the name of the prospective student. “Sixth Form” on the subject line of the email.
Step 4: Click ‘Online Registration for 6th form applicants’ (in the Parent Portal which is on the site) to access the application form and submit. The online application Form becomes available on July 17.Note: For Lower Sixth, choose a minimum of four (4) subjects, NOT including a value added subject. If there are any difficulties, please email [email protected]
Step 5: (External Applicants only) recommendation letter from a teacher who taught him in a pre-requisite subject, needs to be sent to email address [email protected]  to complete the application.   Non-JC students would require more supporting documents to complete an application.
Step 6: Successful applicants will be advised via email by the 14th day after CXC results are published. Successful students will then fill in the ‘Enrollment Registration‘ in the Parent Portal. ONLY those who meet the criteria will be considered for a position.
Requirement: Lower 6th Form (Grade 12): Minimum 6 subjects with passes in Grades 1  or  2   Upper 6th Form (Grade 13): ALL passes MUST be Grades 1 to 3 Good disciplinary record and involvement in school community will add value to your application.  


[For Lower 6th form]School Fee ($73,500) and PTA dues ($3,000) total $76,500. [For Upper 6th form] School Fee ($70,000) and PTA dues ($3,000) total $73,000

Please note that the school fee will be required to be paid in full before the start of the school term, if the application is successful. Note that an additional $3,000 PTA fee, can be paid after the start of school. Thank you.