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School Rules

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It is important that students, parents or guardians make sure they are fully aware of what is required under the school rules and code of conduct. Being unaware of the school rules and code of conduct will not be accepted for breaches. Therefore ‘ignorance of the rule is no excuse.’


The school reserves the right to conduct a search of any individual, student, or group of students to ensure the safety and well-being of the school community. All students are reminded of this provision and should comply with the request of designated school officers.

School officers include the Principal, Vice- Principals, Dean of Discipline, Dean of Student Affairs, Grade Supervisors, Security Personnel, Prefects (under supervision) and The School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to the school by the Ministry of National Security’s Safe Schools Programme.


Inspections are done to ensure students’ adherence to school rules and regulations as it relates to dress code and preparedness for school.

Inspections consists of uniform and school equipment checks. They are primarily done at form time by form teachers and prefects.

Minor offences

Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Non-attendance atdaily registration
  • Consistent lateness for school
  • Inappropriate hairstyles
  • Not wearing the proper uniform
  • Wearing of jewellery
  • Not being properlygroomed
  • Non-compliance with dress code
  • Possession of electronic items
  • Non-attendance at assembly
  • Littering of schoolgrounds/classroom
  • Attending the canteen during class time
  • Loitering
  • Boisterous playing in classroom
  • Failure to comply with reasonable instructions given.

Major Offences

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Persistent commission of minor offences
  • Defacing of walls, chairs and desks (graffiti)
  • Causing excessive damage or destruction to school property
  • Fighting on or off the school campus
  • Causing physical/bodily harm/assault of anyone on or off the school campus
  • Threatening a member of staff
  • Attending school under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Stealing/theft
  • Not attending classes
  • Possession of illegal drugs
  • Obstruction of teaching and learning
  • Malicious abuse (verbal, written, physical)
  • Destruction of or tampering with motor vehicles on campus.
  • Bullying
  • Cheating and Plagiarism (in assessments/examinations)
  • Noncompliance      with      punishment      given      under     disciplinary programme.
  • Conviction of a criminal offence
  • Possession of offensive weapons (including knives, scissors, razors or other cutting implements, corrosive chemicals)
  • Gross disrespect to teachers
  • Inappropriate behaviour (Sexual harassment, inappropriate touching etc)
  • Destruction of property off campus
  • Tampering with computers in the laboratory
  • Cyberbullying
  • Noncompliance with reasonable instruction given by a member of staff.
  • Use of obscene language.
  • Leaving the school campus without authorization.
  • Accomplice to a major offence (bullying, theft, assault etc.)
  • Any action that brings the school into disrepute.

Classification of Punishment

For Minor Offences

  • Oral reprimand
  • Order/instruction to write/ publish written letter of apology
  • Detention
  • Campus service
  • Suspension

For Major Offences

  • Suspension
  • Expulsion

PLEASE NOTE: Based on the offence and its severity, the student may be suspended immediately or face other sanctions immediately.


Where a conflict exists, students are encouraged to settle the situation amicably or to get help in resolving the matter without resorting to violence.

Students who cause injury or bodily harm to another member of the school community will be punished, which may include suspension or expulsion. If required, students/parents will reimburse medical expenses incurred by the injured party. Students who break the law will be referred to the police.

Students involved in fights will be suspended for a minimum of 5 days, pending investigation, and may be referred to the School Board for further disciplinary action.

No student should have in his possession any dangerous weapon/material or cutting implement. If found with such, the student will receive 5 – 10 days suspension initially and will be referred to the School Board for further action.


Jamaica College students are expected to be responsible young men in their speech, dress, behavior and work. Each is required to honour and embrace the school’s Core Values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Discipline Spirituality. (HIREDS).

Rules & Regulations (last updated July 2018)

 SCHOOL OPERATING HOURS                                                             

Students can be dropped off for school starting at 6:00 a.m. each school day. All students are to be picked up/leave school by 6:00 p.m. each school day.

All clubs and extracurricular activities must end by 5:30 p.m. except in prearranged circumstances.

Permission to leave school during the school day will only be granted on the written request of a student’s parent or guardian. Only the following persons can grant permission to a parents’ written request; The Principal, Vice Principals, Dean of Discipline, Dean of Student Affairs or school nurse.

 BLOCK ACCESS                                                                                   

All blocks/classrooms are opened by 7:25 each morning. They will be closed during lunch periods and for the day at 3:15 in the afternoon, except when being used for supervised activities

Parents and guardians are not allowed on the blocks, except by appointment, beyond 7:30 a.m.


Students will only be allowed to drive to school with permission from the school’s administration. This is a privilege and can be suspended or withdrawn at the discretion of the Principal.

 OUT OF BOUNDS                                                                               

There are several areas across the campus that have been designated ‘Out of bounds’ to students. Students are expected to observe the rules governing these areas. Any student found in violation of these areas will be liable for disciplinary action.

 SCHOOL UNIFORM                                                                             

ALL students are expected to wear the complete uniform at all times to and from school.

 The uniform consists of:                                                                    

  • Royal blue shirts for 1st-5th form with their distinct features (see appendix 2).
  • The shirt MUST not be form fitting or altered by adding buttons at the collar and the sleeves must not be rolled up.
  • Sixth formers wear white shirts that can be either short or long sleeves. Long sleeves must be fully extended and buttoned. The sixth form shirt must include a crest and be worn with a school tie.
  • Navy blue pants for all students.
  • The pants MUST not be form fitting i.e. there should be at least a 3- inch space throughout the pants’ leg.
  • The pants must be worn on the waist and not on the hips.
  • The legs of the pants must not be rolled up or cuffed.


  • The required shoes are plain black leather or synthetic leather shoes.
  • NO sneakers, crepes, suede, crocs, or slippers are to be worn with the uniform on or off campus.
  • In the special cases which may require a student to wear footwear other than the stipulated one, a written excuse from the parent (doctor where applicable) must be taken in by the student. Absolutely no Crocs allowed on campus!
  • Exception: Only sixth formers are permitted to wear suede shoes.


  • Plain black or blue socks which must be 3 inches above the ankles.
  • Ankle socks are not allowed in uniform.


  • The belt must be a plain black leather, rubber, or synthetic leather belt with a plain buckle.
  • The belt should have only one (1) row of holes for fastening.


Identification Cards

  • All students MUST wear their Identification Cards on campus at all times.
  • ID cards MUST always be clearly displayed
  • If students are attending classes on Saturdays, they must wear their ID cards to gain access to the campus


  • Wrist watches should have either black, blue, gold, silver or brown.


  • Only JC Caps are allowed to be worn on rainy days.


  • Students can take a solid blue, black, or white handkerchief to school.
  • They are to be no larger than 10” X 10” (inches) in size.
  • Must not be visible from the pocket.
  • Large wash rags, towels and bandanas are not allowed at school.
  • If seen, they will be confiscated and not returned. Sweaters
  • Sweaters are not a part of the school uniform.
  • The school uniform must be fully displayed on and off the campus.
  • Sweaters are allowed only in special circumstances e.g. cold or rainy weather.
  • ALL sweaters MUST be removed by the start of school at 7:30 a.m.
  • The colours that can be worn are plain black, blue, or grey.
  • Absolutely NO hoodies allowed!


Fashion and trends do not dictate the school’s hair requirements for students.

  • Hair must always be properly groomed and neat, with a length of no more than one (1) inch at the highest point.
  • Hair must be neatly combed.
  • Students may wear a tapered fade that is gradual.
  • There may be only one straight part of no more two inches in length.
  • Exemptions, in special cases, can only be granted by the Principal.

 ATTENDANCE AND PUNCTUALITY                                                      

  • The student is expected to attend school every day during the school year
  • Students MUST attend both registrations; 7:30 am and after school.
  • A written excuse for absence must be addressed to the principal and submitted to the form teacher upon returning to school.
  • If a student is absent for three (3) or more days, a medical certificate/written excuse must be provided on the day of return or the student will not be admitted to classes.
  • Students are expected to be at school by 7:30 am each day.
  • After 7:30 a.m. students are recorded as being late.
  • Two (2) times late for the week results in a warning; every subsequent late will result in an escalation of sanctions.

 ELECTRONIC DEVICES                                                                        

  • Electronic devices; headphones, earphones, handheld games etc. are not allowed at school without permission.

Action: Confiscation and/or punishment.

  • 4th to 6th form students can take a laptop or tablet to school for SBA/IA purposes under the supervision of a teacher. If used contrary to the stated purpose e.g. streaming videos, gaming etc. The device will be confiscated and can only be collected by the parent/guardian.

Action: Confiscation and/or punishment.

  • Unless advised, 1st to 3rd form students are not allowed to take laptops or tablets to school.

Action: Confiscation and/or punishment.

  • Repeated violations of the rules may result in the student being banned from taking the device to school.

 CELL PHONE POLICY                                                                          

  • Students can take cell phones to school. However, they must be turned off and put away between 7:30am and 2:45pm.
  • Absolutely NO phones to be used during the school day. Phones used during school hours will be confiscated for 100 days.
  • Students who are in breach and refuse to hand in the phone will be suspended two (2) days for defiance. They will return with their parent(s) after the suspension, at which point the phone must be handed over to the DOD.