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JC Culinary Arts

JC Culinary Arts has produced well-know chefs in the past but in 2023/2024 has taken the ‘fire’ to new heights.

Jamaica College Culinary Arts Club inter-clubing session with St. Andrew High School for Girls Making Easter Bun.

March 2024

Awards were given out earlier in the year, Chick on the image below for the full story…

Then came the JC Men’s Cook off…. The event was superb!

Team one: 3W’s Bar & Grill – Wong, Wayne & Wynter – Showcasing Sweet potato as their theme

Team Two: KCR Grill – Wilson, McIntyre & Ferguson – Showcasing Pumpkin as their theme

Team Three: Our JC Culinary Arts’ students – Showcasing Mango as their theme

Scheduled initially for May 25, 2023 but was postponed until June 2. Nothing before its time, we say. Was a perfect day for cooking. The recent heat wave was cooled by the 3 days of rain that held up for the event, leaving a cool atmosphere for both the participants and the spectators. Our spectators included the usual ‘penny section’, a term used in Jamaica to refer to those spectators that bring the hype to event with their comments and jokes.

Mr. Bloomfield and Miss Abrahams, the organizers/coordinators, were professional time-keepers. Part of the competition included cleaning up and having a spotless area for judging. The presentations were like that you would find on the cooking shows on a cable channel.

Supporters became tasters. Forks, cups, containers all appearing out of nowhere. Smile.

This poem, summarized the experience.

More pictures and videos can be seen on our YouTube Channel… Click HERE to view.

To see the Award ceremony highlights click HERE.

Thanks to all those who contributed pictures and videos. Article put together by D. MacGregor-Bromfield, System Administrator.