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1884               Edward R. C. Earle

1889               Charles A. H. Thompson

1890               H. C.  Jackson

1894               A. W.  Levy

1898               G. S.  Husband

1899               H. H. R.  Bailey

1901               J. C.  Sharp

1904               J. E.  Sharp

1906               L. C.  Levy

1908               William I.  Escoffery

1913               George S.  Escoffery

1915               George S.  Escoffery

1917               C. E.  Riddell

1918               Leslie E.  Ashenheim

1929               Kenneth H.  Ross

1935               Frederick R.  Murray

1939               Michael G.  Smith

1941               H. G.  McDonald

1942               David H.  Coore

1945               Richard K.  McLaughlin

1946               Jacob B.  Silverman

1950               Herbert A. Hall

1951               Haldane G.  Coore

1952               Thomas R.  Theobalds

1968               Charles Mills  (also won Commonwealth and University of Toronto Scholarships)

1987               Audley Hamm

1990               Patrick Anthony Bailey


The College of Oxford University which the awardee attended is in brackets

1904 MURRAY, Reginald Myrie M.B.E.
(First award of Rhodes Scholarship in Jamaica)
(Worcester). b. Mar 1883. Educ. Jamaica High School (precursor of Jamaica College),. Hon. Mods. (Maths) 2nd Cl. Maths. (F.H.S.) B.A. 3 rd Cl. Taught at Jamaica College 1907-17. Headmaster , Jamaica College 1933-42. M.B.E. (Mil.) d. 10 Oct 1963. 
1906 WORLEY, Hugh Eames
(Exeter). b. 21 Jul 1888 . Educ. Jamaica College . Hist. B.A. 2nd Cl. Taught in England .    d. Jun 1958.
1914 MANLEY, Norman Washington (The Hon. Q.C.)
(Jesus) b. 4 Jul 1893 . Educ. Jamaica College. B.C.L. 2nd B.A., Served in World War I with Royal Field Artillery, awarded Military Medal, Called to the Bar (Cert. of Honour), Gray’s Inn, England 1921. Practice of Law Jamaica 1922-1969. 1st Jamaican counsel to appear before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council U.K., Founder and President of People’s National Party, Member of House of Representatives 1949-1962 and Member of Parliament 1962-69, Chief Minister of Jamaica 1955-59. Premier of Jamaica, 1959-62. Hon. Fellow of Jesus College 1958,   d. 2 Sep 1969
1917 MORALES, Charles McLarty
(Oriel). b. 4 April 1895 . Educ. Jamaica College. Hist. B.A. 3rd Cl. Dip. Ed. Grn. R.G.A. Insp. of School 1922-24. Examiner, Asst. Dir. Of Education 1944-50. Acting Dep. Dir. 1948-50. Played 1st Class cricket for Jamaica 1920’s.  d.13 Dec 1967
1921 DICKENSON, Walter Norman (Dr.)
(Pembroke). b. 25 December 1897 . Educ. Jamaica College. Physiol. B.A. 3rd Cl. B.M.,       B. Ch., M.A. Hospital appointments in London 1927-9. Med. Practice, Jamaica 1929-1970.   d. Nov 1971
1923 NETHERSOLE, Noel Newton (The Hon.)
(Lincoln). b. 2 Nov 1903. Educ. Jamaica College. Read Law. Admitted to Practise as a Solicitor and practiced Law, Jamaica 1926-1959. Councillor, Kingston & St. Andrew Corporation 1940-47, Vice President People’s National Party. Mem. House of Representatives 1949-1959. Minister of Finance, 1955-59. d. 17 Mar 1959.
1931 LINDO, Henry Laurence (Sir)
(Keble).b. 13 Aug 1911. Educ. Jamaica College. English Lang. And Lit. 3rd Cl. Insp. of Schools 1935-43. Asst. Information Officer. Jamaica 1939-433 Secretariat, Jamaica 1943-52. Administrator, Dominica, 1952-59. Acting Governor, Windward Islands 1957 and 1959. Governor’s Sec., Jamaica 1960-62.High Commissioner for Jamaica to United Kingdom 1962-74. Amb. to France 1966-74. Amb. to Federal Republic of Germany, 1967-70. d. May 1980.
1935 FOWLER, Henry Richmond Harold C.D.
(Worcester). b. 12 May 1915. Educ. Jamaica College. B.A.1938, M.A.  Editor Public Opinion newspaper,1939-42. Founder and Headmaster, The Priory School 1944. Chairman, Little Theatre Movement, Education Assistance Grants Committee, T.V. Committee of JBC, Vice Chairman, Education Advisory Committee. d. 14 Feb 2007
1938 LEVY, Roy Denton Keith (Dr.)
(St. John ‘s).b. 2 Apr 1919 . Educ. Jamaica College. B.A., B.M., B.Ch., L.M.C.C., M.A., C.C.F.P., M.R.C.P. Med. Practice, Jamaica 1948-74. Asst. Prof. Of Medicine, Dept. of Family Medicine, McMaster University Medical Centre, Ontario 1974. Council Mem. B.M.A. (Jamaica) 1958-59. Commander, Order of St. John of Jerusalem 1961. Order of St. John Knight of Grace 1971. Pres. Med. Association of Jamaica 1960. Chairman, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 1960-71. Pres. Rotary Club of Kingston 1964-65. Chairman, Jamaica/B.M.A. Medical Congress 1974. d. 3 Feb 1993
1946 ELLINGTON, Eric Vivian (Dr.)
(Hertford).b. 14 Sep 1923 . Educ. Jamaica College. Chem. (Pt. 1) 1949 Authentics.Sen. Sci. Master and Housemaster, Jamaica College 1949-53. Reasearch Fellow in Chem., Univ. Coll. Of W.I. 1953. Carnegie Research Fellowship, Trinity Hall, Camb. 1947-48. Ph. D. (Lond.) 1958. Lect., Univ. Coll. Of W.I.: Dept. of Biochem. 1960; Sen. Lect. Dept. Biochem. 1975-; Vice-Dean, Faculty of Medicine 1978-; Sec. Jamaican and British Caribbean Rhodes Scholp. 1972. d.1985.
1951 HALL, Stuart Henry McPhail (Prof.)
(Merton).b. 3 Feb 1932 . Educ. Jamaica College, 2nd Cl. Eng. Lang. and Lit., Research for D. Phil.; L.T. for Univ. Ed., New Left Review 1960-61.Chelsea College of Science, Univ. of London, Dept. of Humanities, Lect. 1962-64.Birmingham Univ. School of English: Research Fellow, Centre for Contemp. Cult. Studies 1965; Asst. to Director 1966; Dep. Dir 1968; Acting Dir. 1970; Dir. 1970.Pres. O.U.W. Soc. Teaching in London; Prof of Sociology, Open Univ.- d. 10 Feb 2014
1960 CARNEGIE, Arthur Ralph (Prof.)
(Jesus).b. 11 Jun 1936. Educ. Jamaica College; Univ.Coll. Of the W. Indies 1956-59; Univ. London (Univ.Coll.) B.A. 1960. Jurispr. 1st Cl. M.A. Fellow and tutor in Law, Jesus 1964-70. Barrister-at-law (Gray’s Inn) 1965. Prf. Of Law, UWI 1970-2011. Visiting Scholar, Yale Law School 1980-81. d. Jan 2011
1962 ABRAHAMS, Eric Anthony Hudson
(St. Peter’s).b. 5 May 1940. Educ. Jamaica College; Univ. Coll. of the W. Indies, B.A. 1961. Read Law. Pres. of The Oxford Union 1964-65. Dir., Jamaica Tourist Board, Member of Parliament, Minister of Government and Senator, Jamaica.  d. 7 Aug 2011
1965 FLETCHER, Richard Douglas
(Exeter).b. 30 Dec 1943. Univ. Coll. Of the W. Indies, B.Sc. 1963. Jurispr. 2nd Cl. Read for B. Phil.; Nuffield 1965-68, B.A., B. Phil.Int. Bank for Reconstruction and Development 1965-72. Special Asst. to PM of Jamaica 1972-73. Chmn., Sugar Industry Authority of Jamaica 1973-76. Minister of State for Planning 1977-80. Dep. Mgr, Econ.Integration, Int. Development Bank 1980-.
1971 FRANKSON, Geoffrey Boyce (Dr.)
(Keble).b: Oct 1946 , Educ. Jamaica College 1959-1964; St. John’s College, Belize 1964-5 Belize National Scholar, 1965; UWI 1965-70, MBBS (UWI), 1970 (Gold medal; Honours in Obstetrics and Gynaecology); BA (Hons) in Human Sciences, Oxford University, UK.,1973; Post graduate research, Oxford, 1974-1975; MA(Oxon), 1983, Medical Practice in Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago
1975 MORRISON, Cecil Dennis Harrington Q.C., O.J.  (Mr. Justice)
(Balliol).b. 1950. Educ. Jamaica College; Wolmers; Univ. of the W. Indies; Norman Manley Law School , B.A., L.L.B. admitted to practice Jamaica,1975. Practice of Law 1977-2004. Tutor,Norman Manley Law School 1978-1982. Associate Tutor, 1982-2004. Judge, Court of Appeal, Belize 2004-2015, Cayman Islands 2015-16 and Jamaica 2008-, President, Court of Appeal of Jamaica, 2016-2020
1991 McKENZIE, Colin Andrew (Dr.)
(Green)  b. 1967 Degrees; MBBS Honors, DPhil; Senior Lecturer, Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, Tropical Medicine Research Institute, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI . d.Oct 2018.



Updated February 17, 2019

1934 Winston G. Stuart Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1935 Ivan D. Arscott Jamaica Eighty Pound Scholarship
1937 Irving E. Johnstone Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1937 Ronald G.F. Lampart Jamaica Eighty Pound Scholarship
1939 Robert  W. Butler Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1939 Kenneth E. Ingram Jamaica Eighty Pound Scholarship
1939 N.R. Gyles W.I. Sugar Co. Scholarship
1941 Alton C. Ellington Jamaica Centenary Scholarship.
1944 Gladstone E. Mills Issa Scholarship
1947 Gerald O. DuSaire C.D.W. (Colonial Development &.Welfare
Empire Training Scheme) – Dentistry
1948 Eugene A. Ffolkes Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1949 James H. B. Monteith C.D.W.   Liverpool  U.   Dentistry
1949 Warren S. Robinson C.D W.  McGill  U.  Dentistry
1950 Warren M. Forsythe Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1951 Martin O. Dealy Sandhurst College  Military training
1953 Edward S. Redshaw Jamaica Gov Scholarship for Agricultural Sciences
1952 Leo A. Lawson Jamaica Centenary Scholarship
1954 Errol L. Beswick Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1957 Dennis.C. Scott U.W.I  Teaching
1957 Christopher D. deMontagnac Sandhurst College  Military training
1957 Mortimer. A. Lewis U.W.I. Cane Farmers’ Scholarship
1957 Harold Phillips Ovaltine Scholarship
1957 Arthur G. Redshaw Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1958 Robert Neish Sandhurst College  Military training
1958 K. Ainsley Henriques Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1959 Peter Crooks Engineering
1959 George A. Neita UWI Teaching
1960 Noel  H. Brown Engineering
1960 Donald Keith Duncan Dentistry
1960 Raymond  A. McIntyre Architecture
1961 Gorden E. Cohen UWI Arts
1961 A. Dennis Goffe UWI Arts
1961  Renn O. Holness Medicine
1961 Winston A. Brown Engineering
1961 Neil A. George Dentistry
1961 Delf O. King Engineering
1961 Peter C. V. King UWI Arts
1961 Neville M. Lake UWI Arts
1961 Garth S. Lampart Engineering
1961 Patrick L. Robinson UWI Arts
1961 John P. Ross UWI Arts
1962 Dwight Anthony Lewis Dentistry
1962 Michael Samms Jamaica Gov. Scholarship  Quantity Surveying
1963 Winston J. Hunter Dentistry
1963 Roger F. J. Wilson Gov of Canada Electronic Engineering
1963 Paul R. Valentine Jamaica Agricultural Scholarship
1964 Orville D. Williams Dentistry
1964 Trevor Golding Medicine
1965 Michael McIntyre Jamaica Gov. Scholarship  Electrical Engineering
1967 Richard Rose Sugar Manufacturer’s Ascn  Mech Eng
1968 Charles Mills Commonwealth Scholarship
1968 Charles Mills University of Toronto Scholarship
1971 Peter Senior Jamaica Gov. Exhibition Scholarship
1972 Charles V. Carneigie Cornell University Scholar
1974 Peter Senior UWI Scholarship
1978 Peter Senior UWI Scholarship
1982 J. Richard Middleton Ontario Graduate Scholarship (Philosophy)
1984 Ronald Emanuel UWI Scholarship
1987 Gary Lawson-Boucher Dean of U of Dentistry & Medicine N.J. Academic Excellence Scholarship
1989 Linval Jones Medicine
1992 J. Richard Middleton Gov. of Canada Social Sciences
1992 Neil Priel Grace, Kennedy Scholarship
1992 G. Spencer Princeton University
1993 Dwight Simon Day Benjamin Franklin Society Award Scholarship at the American University of Paris
2000 Orane Blake UWI Postgraduate Scholarship
2003  Orane Blake Ross Fellowship, Purdue University
2006 Damion McIntosh Fullbright Scholar
2013 Wayne Thorpe Fullbright Scholar

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CARLTON ALEXANDER SCHOLARS – For J.C. Graduates (since 1998)

1998 Carlington Chevannes
1999 Chaluk Richards
2001 Dale Seaton
2002 (No award)
2003 Fabian White
2004 Franklyn Anderson
2005 Martin Nesbeth
2006 Jeffrey Brown
2008 Carlos Gordon
2009 Orville Weir
2014 Japheth Clarke

CLAUDE DAVIS BURSARY AWARDS – For J.C. Graduates – 2012-2021

2012 Steven Harrisingh
2013 Delroy Thorney
2014 Japheth Clarke (declined)
2015 (No award)
2016 Kevin Fraser
2016 Christopher Bennett (declined)
2017 Moses Estick
2017 Akeem Neil
2018 Kuwayne Campbell
2019 Jonroy Hewitt
2019 George Barnes
2020 No Award
2021 Daniel Palmer