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Jeans Day & More

Jeans and Crocs Day and much more

Jeans and Crocs day had a most exhilarating twist at the end of the day, a surprise for the boys. They were flabbergasted and most thrilled. The staff was also caught up in the excitement, including Principal Robinson.

What started as a fundraiser towards the staff Christmas treat, ended with a bang.

Students were encouraged to wear their jeans, JC branded shirt and Crocs, depending on what combination they had, there was other fee levied. No problem if they had none of the above, they would come in their regular uniform but not be exempt from a fee. Smile.

In the afternoon the Car show began with modified and classic cars streaming onto the compound to the Jamaica College top field. Music pulsating from some of the cars whilst other revved up causing the students to pull out their cell phones to capture the moment. It was epic!

JC Auto Show to be hosted by Street Xtream:

  • The cars were present with different designs, models and performance types. A motorcade took place. The cars entered in an orderly fashion.
  • The students, teachers and staff, were allowed to sit in the vehicles and take photos and videos as they desired.
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An drone shot of the cars at the auto show

  • The sponsors included Jamaica Automobile Association, First Caribbean and Heart NSTA-JAGAS, just to name a few, who around to educate the students about what they have to offer.
  • The event to commence about 1pm and ended around 3:30pm on Friday December 1, 2023.
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The event host interacted with the students to find out what they like about the cars, the cars they prefer, their feedback on the event itself among other questions where it relates to the sponsors who will be present.

Mr. Marlon “ Brown, founder of Street Xtream are a Jamaican automotive movement known for customized cars and neon underglows.
The group was formed in 2019 and since then we have accumulated over 50 active and enthusiastic members across the island. Street Xtream has participated in numerous competitions, walking away with a top prizes each time.

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This is a pre show for our first official Street Xtream car show hoping to be hosted on the same JC field on December 10th 2023.

The official event would be showcasing a larger amount of cars.