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Student Leadership- Announcement and more

This page is designed to promote and share resources that will build student leadership both internally and externally. Your feedback is always welcome.


Click to see our list of prefects 2021 Form Prefects (1)

Procedures for Selection of School Captain 
  • Let prefects know they can apply for School Captain and outline the procedures
  • Send the application form to prefects
  • After applicants have submitted their application, staff made aware of the candidates for their input.
  •  Applicants are interviewed.
  • Meet with all selected candidates to give them an overview of expectations,   their responsibilities and the campaigning guidelines.
  • Candidates can commence online campaigning, through  flyers, videos and addressing form classes during devotion time etc.(2 weeks)
  • Town Hall meeting with the entire school, each candidate given 5 minutes to speak to students and Teachers. Q&A session
  • Voting online : Students 1 vote=1 point: Teachers 1 vote=2 points

Straight tally to decide who wins.

1st Place – School Captain

2nd Place- 1st V. Captain  

3rd Place- 2nd V. Captain 

Other candidates- Senior Prefects.

Proposed Dates for 2021 Process  

April 27th: Prefects’ Meeting

May 3rd: Submission of Applications

May 5th: Names Circulated to teachers for input.

May 10-14th Interviews and meeting with selected candidates.

May 17-28th Campaigning 

May 31st Town Hall Meeting

June 2nd Voting 

June 4th Results