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JC Robotics at FTC

From about September 2023 the teams have been preparing for this ‘Big Day’. Twenty-seven schools came to compete. On the Friday, the teams presented their robots to the judges behind closed doors. They were interviewed about the robot and journey. A main presentation was done and an engineer’s report left with the judges to go through. It was from this moment that the teams started to gain points towards the varying awards.

There were a few schools that had two teams. Jamaica College was one of those schools. One team is named “The Griffins” (on the left below) and the other team, The BlueBots (on the right below). These teams work hard and had many sleepless nights preparing.

There were 33 qualifying matches and the top teams chose alliance teams, teams to help them win. The Griffins were chosen as one of the alliance teams to take the lead team of York Castle to the top.

There were challenges but the team work to conquer the challenges that presented themselves. Watch the recap video to get a feel of the day’s activities. Click on the image to the left.

There were a myriad of awards and the JC teams went away with three and was nominated for an additional award.
1. Griffins – Winning Top Alliance Awards & prizes
2. Griffins – one member was on the Dean’s List
3. Bluebots – The Design Award
4. Bluebots – nominated for the Connect Award

emcee Jason Brown, was fantastic and kept the day flowing. As customary, he invited everyone for a group dance time. There was an exemplary young lady that they had to award for her dancing skills.

Click on the image to the left for a little of the dancing.

Thanks to all who sponsored, participated, contributed and executed the FTC National Competition.

For the full coverage that was live,

Click on the image to the right.