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The Jamaica College STEM Club claimed the 2nd place award after participating in the Future Ready STEM Conference hosted by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with 21st Century Education. Under the guidance of Mr. Lumsden (Faculty Advisor of the STEM Club) and Mrs. Bennett-Edwards (Head of STEM Education), the students presented a solution that solved issues of water shortage during the drought period. The proposed solution harvested rain water and directed it through a three-stage filtering system that makes the water suitable for consumption and long-term storage.

Mr. Lumsden is the faculty advisor of JC’s STEM Club

Congratulations to the following students who led this project.

1. Michael Jenkins
2. Dennis Morgan
3. Matthew Barnaby
4. Khalil Harrison
5. Joshua Martin
6. Llamario Sinclair
7. Lejoux Choung

Mrs. Bennett-Edwards (left)

Assistant Dean of Studies

Manages the STEAM Infusion at Jamaica College

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