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Derryk MacGregor (2019/2020 Jamaica College Grade 9 Student)

This has been a historic year indeed. 2020 has been a year of unchartered waters. So many things have hit us with thunderous surprise. There is, however, one continuous blazing truth to it all, that is True Blue will always shine through royally. In this installment of the Jamaica Collège train of excellence we extend a hearty congratulations to young collegeman Mr. Derryk MacGregor who has made history, as he leaves 3rd form with a grade 2 in CAPE UNIT 2 (there is no typo here) in Animation & Gaming Design, and a grade 3 in CSEC Human & Social Biology. Youngest (14 years old) in Jamaica to take AGD CAPE Unit 2 Examination.

This historical achievement has Mr. MacGregor standing on the unique claim to the youngest Jamaica College student to have certificates in both CAPE and CSEC in its history of star-studded academic trail blazers.

We congratulate you Sir on your hard work and your impressive success. FERVET!

See the Jamaica Observer’s interview with Mr. MacGregor here