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Excellence -Blu Beat Drummers

The Blu Beat drummers of Jamaica College have once again proven their musical prowess by winning an outstanding 8 medals at the 2023 JCDC Music Festival. Led by President Kijani Williams and Vice Captain Dyllan Keating, the group amassed an impressive 4 gold and 4 bronze medals, demonstrating their exceptional talent, dedication, and creativity in percussion.

Alongside Williams and Keating, new comer Ashanfi Rowe won a Bronze medal, while Daquan Swearing, Najuan Harris, and Bevin Davy each won a Bronze medal as well. Their combined effort is a testament to the hard work, discipline, and skill of the Blu Beat drummers.

Behind every successful ensemble, there is a talented and dedicated tutor, and the Blu Beat drummers are no exception. The group was fortunate to have the guidance and expertise of Mr. O’Maro Mazlyn, who played an instrumental role in helping the drummers achieve their outstanding results at the 2023 JCDC Music Festival.

“Working with the Blu Beat drummers has been an absolute joy,” says Mr. Mazlyn. “I am constantly amazed by their musical talent and their willingness to put in the hard work and practice needed to achieve such success. I couldn’t be prouder of them!”

In addition to Mr. Mazlyn’s contributions, the success of the Blu Beat drummers would not have been possible without the support and dedication of their parents. Their encouragement, commitment, and willingness to support their children’s musical endeavors played a crucial role in helping the drummers achieve their impressive results at the JCDC Music Festival.

The Blu Beat drummers of Jamaica College, including Kijani Williams, Dyllan Keating, Ashanfi Rowe, Daquan Swearing, Najuan Harris, and Bevin Davy, have set a high standard for excellence in percussion and have made their families, school, and country proud. Their outstanding achievement at the 2023 JCDC Music Festival is a true reflection of their talent, hard work, and dedication, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the years to come.

Congratulations to the Blu Beat drummers and all those who supported them on their remarkable achievement!