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Honoring Academic Excellence

Outstanding Student Achievement Programme

[Note that there slight modifications to the following during the pandemic period. Adjustments are made accordingly.]


  • Subject teachers’ award for each group taught.
    • Each month an award is given to the student in each class who attains the highest mark (80% and above) for the previous month.
    • This award is presented at a monthly in- class ceremony.
    • The student at each Grade level, with the highest overall average for the school year will be awarded.
    • The student with the highest overall average for the schoolyear will receive the Principal’s award at the Achievement day.
    • Students who achieve an overall average of 90% or above will receive a special award.
    • High performers will be inducted into the Honour Society.

Honour Society                                                

The Jamaica College Honour Society (JCHS) seeks to recognize and encourage academic achievement, promote leadership and stimulate a desire for service among its students, to fully prepare them to become world class citizens.


All students who have attained an average of 80% and above for three consecutive terms (the school year) are eligible for admission into the (JCHS). The society’s mandate is to:

  • develop each student’s leadership potential.
  • lead peers in different aspects of school life. Members will be encouraged to be actively involved and be exemplary students and positive role model for their peers.
  • have members be actively involved in at least one extra-curricular activity
  • host meetings every fourth Thursday of each month.

===== 2020 – 2021 High achievers and Honor Roll students =====

These students are on the Honour Roll for TERM 1 and have a chance of being admitted to the Honor Society if they maintain the average for the year. Let us congratulate them and encourage them. Job well done.