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The continued cultivation of our youngsters’ minds  is at the heart of our now ongoing inter-form Quiz competitions. The brain child of Mrs. Latoya Cousins and her  forth team. Who shared in a brief interview

“So my form teachers and I decided to have one main event per term and so this term we decided to do an inter-form quiz competition.

We chose revision week, since exams are near, so it is not just a competition but also a revision session.

I approached all  Heads of Department (HODs) , their ASSISTANTS and Subject coordinators to generate questions from the different subject areas and I organised them.”


Meet  the Semi Finalists


Smiling for the Camera Some teacher and their team














Principal Robinson had the heartiest of  congrats and stated “I was very pleased with the Quiz effort by Mrs. Cousins and her team for the 4th form. The enthusiasm, participation and vibe were good and really works in a school like ours. Congrats and thank you everyone. Let’s do the whole school, I will get the sponsorship.”

Congratulations to our fourth formers. True blue exam revisions has never been more fun. We also salute Mrs. Cousins and all the teachers who shared in the vision and execution of this initiative.