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Jamaica College inches it’s way closer to the top! Swimming

Friday, January 19, 2024

Alongside the guidance and expertise of Coach Lemone Lowe, School Captain and Swim Team Captain, Israel Allen, lead the school’s swim team to a comfortable 3rd place finish at the 2024 staging of the ISSA high-school and University Swim Meet. Big things are on the horizon for the team as they prepare for other upcoming meets, and spirits are high, due to the proximity to a higher podium finish by the team, just 42 points away from 2nd place! During the intermission of the competition’s events, Jamaica College Old Boy Mr. Robb Logue, who is a past swim team captain, presented the current captain Israel Allen with state-of-the-art swimming gear, whilst he reflected on how he pioneered swimming at JC. Principal Wayne Robinson was also present at the meet to cheer on the boys and offer his support as they represented the school and showcased the results of their hard work.

Many thanks are being given to the Jamaica College family for their support of the team, and a special thanks is being extended to: Ms. Nadine Hessing, Ms. Shelly-Ann Chambers, Ms. Jacinth Kitson, Ms. Euvine Hall and Mr. Roel Hall who manage the team behind the scenes. Additionally, the Jamaica College swim team would like to thank sponsors: Guardian Fence Systems Limited, Grace Kennedy General Insurance, Hawkeye and The Print Bar, whose donations have amply supported their mission. As training resumes, we wish them well for their efforts have not been in vain, and we are looking forward to their improvement and success in the future.

Authored by Justin Mitchell.

Jamaica College Press Club