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Friday, March 15, 2019, Jamaica College celebrated Jamaica Day under the caption “Celebrating Jamaica: Embracing Positive Values for a Better Future.” Jamaican culture was on display in the form of food, fashion, dance, music and exhibitions.

Dominique Platt a current 4th form student, member of the Digital Arts Club, was able to capture the mood and exquisiteness of the Staff Fashion show. Enjoy video below:

(Dominique Platt of 4th form produced the Jamaica Day video. Permission from Chronixx was given, on the use of his song.)

The morning devotion began with the Raising of the flag, the singing of the National Anthem, opening prayers and devotional choruses and meditation.

The roof was then lifted off with the energetic Mr. Mazlyn, who set the pace for the activities of the day. Mr. Mazlyn entertained the boys with his phone credit giveaways, jokes and sharing of “did you know…” Jamaica cultural facts. The boys and all who were in the auditorium were engaged and enthused about the proceedings.

The entertainment was in 2 parts but the displays were available for viewing throughout the day. Part 1 of the entertainment had Mr. Mazlyn as the emcee and part 2 had Ms. Findley. It was a great learning experience.

We were then entertained by the vibrant dancers from the Liguanea Preparatory School. They did a Maypole Dance and a Creole piece that was most entertaining.

Next, we had our own JC Drummers who have been “beating” up a storm this year.

The keynote speaker was Mr. Steven Golding, an emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Utah and a forensic psychologist,  living his life empowering Black people and keeping Garvey’s legacy alive. He reminded us of our rich Black heritage and the importance of remembering what our ancestors went through. If it were not for them, we would not be here.

The displays were a great showcase of “Then” and “Now”.

The afternoon’s proceedings included DJs, dancing and a fashion show that had the staff as models. Some students enjoyed a good game of Chess in the display area.

The School Band played and students performed, exposing the True Blue talent. The guest artistes were Don Pree and Etana who closed the concert.