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Jamaica College is a place of people and personalities with exceptional talent and intellect. This is not just unique to our Young blues it also is a phenomena that is well established with our teachers. In this week’s feature we highlight the Sports Master, and of course, GRIFFIN old boy, Mister Otis Wynter.

We felt it important to catch up with him shortly after his keynote address at this year’s Achievement Ceremony 2019.

Q: Good day Mr. Wynter, we are curious to know what prompted you to speak on the topic, winning at all cost.

Mr. Wynter: This was the theme for the day; however, I also felt that people nowadays are willing to go beyond legal and moral means to “win at all cost”. Their only goal is winning; therefore, everything else comes after, their morals, integrity, family and friends; and that’s where the problem lies. Our society has become more competitive, and when people feel like others are getting in their way, they tend to become more aggressive and oftentimes resort to illegal and immoral means. As a result, I felt that I should introduce the boys to the consequences of such beliefs and hope that the message will resonate with them into their adult lives.

Q: Thank you for that. We are very much aware that you are an old boy of this institution. May we ask how much has the school changed from then till now, in your eyes?

Mr. Wynter: Oh wow, so much has changed; I mean it has been over twenty years. The infrastructure has changed, new buildings have been erected; the auditorium, the mini stadium, the gym, the Gore Building, and the museum to name a few. The uniform has also changed; we didn’t wear epaulets, and only sixth formers wore crests. There were no security guards on campus. Also, we have gone back to a culture of excellence.

Q: Your passion for the school and sports are evident in the work you do now, in light of the great legacy of Jamaica College in sport. What is your vision for our current programme?

Mr. Wynter: To develop a culture that focuses on personal and team development, while facilitating both professional and life skills training. Also, for JC to be the standard of excellence for high school sports in Jamaica.

Q: On a more personal note, when you are not at JC shaping the next generation of Griffin, what is your favorite way to pass the time?

Mr. Wynter: When am I ever not shaping the next generation of Griffins, this is a tough one. All jokes aside though, I love to cook, so I do a lot of cooking at home, play with my daughters, read a book or maybe watch a movie or two on Netflix.

Q: Finally, what word of encouragement or challenge would you want to charge our Young blues?

Mr. Wynter: Do not give up when you don’t get the results you desire; a little progress each day adds up to the big result and even though you won’t always be motivated, you have to learn to be disciplined. Remember the definition for discipline is doing what you have to do, when you have to, even if you don’t feel like doing it.