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Jamaica College seeks to promote the holistic development of each student that walks through its gates. His spiritual development is just one of the pillars that the school caters to: From all accounts we must send glorious praises to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ who have blessed our Spirit Enrichment Week with a successful digital staging.

Description of the Week’s Focus

Using the Apostle Paul as an example of a believer who was joyful in times of severe hardship because of his hope in Christ. We can do the same when we put our hope in who Christ is and his love for us.

Description of the objectives and activities of each day.

Monday – Intro to Philippians (watching the Bible Project YouTube video on an Overview of the book of Philippians. That day will be called: “Come See!”

Tuesday – Whole School Digital Devotion with speaker Rev. Dylan Toussaint. That day would be called “Come Hear!”

Wednesday– we could have the Q&A day. Two counsellors would be assigned to each year group to discuss living in joy and hope in the middle of crisis (based on the book of Philippians). This session would be called “Mek wi Talk”

Thursday – the Bible quiz could be done this day. This could be called “Level Up!” Students would compete among their Year Group answering questions on the book of Philippians. Form teachers should have been go During the week I’ll get quotes from students. We have a questionnaire to send out.