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Sports Day 2023 – bigger and better!

For some, sports day was a day to take a break from school work. It was the same boys participating in many of the activities and many on the side-line. This year, with the wide range of pre-sports’ day activities, many more of the boys and the teachers are involved. The competition is on! DRAX House was the house to be beat and up to February 16, DRAX is fighting to stay in the lead.

Each house has a legacy carrying with the name. It is not only about the colour, it is too, about the name.

Did you know the names were not picked out of the ‘bue’ but carefully chosen.

What house do you want to win this 2023?

The medals were given out during the sports activities. Presented by Principal Robinson, VP Wynter and Ian Forbes.

Spectators consisted of Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students. Well supported to the very end of the day.

The coverage, videos and pictures, were done by the Digital Arts Club. We thank them for their exemplary work.


1st – Jordan Blake

2nd – Ajorne Harmer

3rd – Justin Campbell 

4th – Raheem Hall

5th – Nashae Baker

6th – Courtney Reynolds

Staff/Teachers participation was high….

Staff took part in the male teachers’ 100M, female teachers’ 60M, the Fluffy race and for the first time in the history of JC sports day, there was a medley relay (Males and females taking different legs of the relay). Mr. Carter and his team had a successful sports day that was well supported and ran smoothly and on time. Medic in place for the few incidents that needed them and refreshments were readily available. Mr. Charlton’s running commentary was most entertaining. I think we need to rename Mr. Fergurson to FLASH.

CLICK on the image to the left to see the first leg of the staff relay.

VP Wong is among those in the first leg.

Female staff take the baton and look who shot off way in front of the other, giving Hardie House a winning chance. Click on the image to the right to view.

‘Flash’ swept by them all.

Click on the image to the left to view same.

The Parents were also engaged.

We had Mother’s race and a Father’s race. The fathers were so anxious, we had about 5 false starts, making the event even more fun. The mothers tried, unfortunately two tripped, but they were ok, the laughed and still headed to the finish line. Their sons cheered them on proudly.

CLICK on the image to the left to view the father’s race at our 2023 JC Sports day

After many false starts, they eventually got off to a good start.

Click on the image on the right to see the Mothers performance.




As we approach Sports Day, the weekly house devotions raise their ‘roar’ when their house name is called.

Some of the pre-sports events included, bun eating competition, Inter-House Quiz competitions and field events. The field events included Long Jump, High Jump, Discus and shot put.

No matter the colour… No matter what position the house holds today… it can change in the blink of eye.

Keep the spirits high teams!

Never give up!




February 15

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