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As part of the thrust to ‘go beyond borders’ our Fervet teachers seek to always engage in strategies that go beyond the four walls of the classroom. Jamaica College is indeed the number one school for Champions and we start from early.

Just ask the first form chair of the quiz committee Mr. Omar Isaacs the meaning of QUIZ.

His response would be: “quite useful information zeen!”

The objective and guiding philosophy of the first form competition is as follows:

The competition is to establish a relationship between the application of theory and concepts. Demonstrable in a competitive format. The quiz will serve as a way to promote teamwork, positive student attitudes while engendering a deeper understanding of a wide range of subjects.

Boys, especially, love to compete; and so, this competition will build an appreciation towards making learning fun and interactive. The competition will be done for each term leading up to major exams.

Apart from using this approach as a studying strategy, the “per term” approach is taken so that the students are given opportunities to learn from mistakes and improve for future matches. Finally, students will therefore embrace the abbreviation for QUIZ as quite useful information zeen!”

Cheers to the team of CHAMPION teachers who brought have sought to promote this learning strategy.

More details on the competition to come in the coming weeks.

A great start today, and so commendation is extended to all classes who participated today.


Match 1: 1A 6pts vs *1H 27pts*

Match 2: *1C 26pts* vs 1F 11 pts

1H and 1C have advanced to the Semifinals