History of Mark and Patty Bogart at Jamaica College
Patty and Mark Bogart visited Jamaica in 2013 for two weeks. Mr. Bogart expressed that they hated their time here until they were invited to visit Jamaica College. That was when they realised they needed to return and be a part of what was happening here at JC.
The Bogart’s are Christians and missionaries. They returned to Jamaica in November 2014, just in time to catch the Chikungunya virus. After recovering, they began their sojourn at Jamaica College. They were assigned as mentors to the accelerated 3rd Form class (3I) where they engaged the students in Bible studies, fun times and discussions about life. The Bogarts became a part of these students’ lives as they moved with the class from 3rd to 4th and then 5th Form.
From there the Bogarts began working with other form classes and hosting after school and then lunch time Bible studies. Mr. Bogart could be seen sitting outside the auditorium at lunch time or under a tree in his portable sports chair. Bible studies were known to be fun and enlightening.
The Bogarts became a part of the Spiritual Enrichment Committee and contributed significantly to the planning and execution of annual crusades at Jamaica College. They were instrumental in developing a sustainable follow-up programme for 1st and 2nd Form students after the crusades.
Mrs. Bogart brought strong administrative skills to bear on the work of the Spiritual Enrichment Committee. She was also known to carry cookies to Form Time and Bible studies. Mr. Bogart is a Bible teacher, past middle school teacher and sports enthusiast. He volunteered as a Chess Club Coach and the Touch Football Coach.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Bogart have a calm, engaging, caring and steady personality. They are “True Blue” and will always be a part of us. We thank God for sending them to The College.
(Article by – J Cooper-Stewart)


The Class of Jamaica College ‘1985’ joined in the 2021 True Blue Old Boy giving forward initiative. This serves as a part of their continued commitment to support the school.

They presented the school with a gift of 20 laptops and 20 Thump Drives. The occasion was covered by the Gleaner Company see the full article here. 

The Spirit of the true blue runs deep, and we are forever grateful for the contributions that will enable our young college men to continue to excel. See Highlights of the presentation below.


Wednesday January 27, 2021 was historic for Jamaica College. The STEAM INFUSION Project was launched.

Enclosed are the speeches and visuals of the project, so you can understand what this project entailed.

Thanks again to Dr. Tait for funding the project. Boys, do not miss Dr. Tait’s speech as he shares memories of his days at JC

Enjoy & Share

Jamaica College seeks to promote the holistic development of each student that walks through its gates. His spiritual development is just one of the pillars that the school caters to: From all accounts we must send glorious praises to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ who have blessed our Spirit Enrichment Week with a successful digital staging.

Description of the Week’s Focus

Using the Apostle Paul as an example of a believer who was joyful in times of severe hardship because of his hope in Christ. We can do the same when we put our hope in who Christ is and his love for us.

Description of the objectives and activities of each day.

Monday – Intro to Philippians (watching the Bible Project YouTube video on an Overview of the book of Philippians. That day will be called: “Come See!”

Tuesday – Whole School Digital Devotion with speaker Rev. Dylan Toussaint. That day would be called “Come Hear!”

Wednesday– we could have the Q&A day. Two counsellors would be assigned to each year group to discuss living in joy and hope in the middle of crisis (based on the book of Philippians). This session would be called “Mek wi Talk”

Thursday – the Bible quiz could be done this day. This could be called “Level Up!” Students would compete among their Year Group answering questions on the book of Philippians. Form teachers should have been go During the week I’ll get quotes from students. We have a questionnaire to send out.

Mickoy Morrison

Mickoy Morrison, who attended Jamaica College from 2017-2019, is one of this year’s proud recipients of the UWI Township Scholarship in the inner-city community of August Town.

Over the last three years Morrison has struggled to be physically present for his education. In 2017, after transferring from Mona High, he broke his leg days before the start of 6th form. In 2018 he was shot in an incident in his community, narrowly escaping with his life. Both incidents inadvertently forced him to be absent for many days. Despite these challenges Morrison was able to pass four (4) Unit 1 and three (3) Unit 2 CAPE subjects – showing his tenacious spirit and ability to make his life better.

Morrison balanced his studies with extra-curricular activities, becoming president of the school’s exclusive Digital Arts Club, as well as a member of Sixth Form Association and Key Club.

The UWI Township Scholarship is offered to students from surrounding inner-city communities who need financial assistance to attend university. The Mona Social Services department is in charge of assessing and accepting applicants.

MMorrison certificate

Last week, a “thank you” event was held for Doris Gross, one of the managing partners in Portico Architects, who assisted the Gore Family Foundation as an instructor in the Construction Project Management Course (CPM) that it coordinates at Jamaica College.

Thank you to Doris Gross

This course is the brainchild of Gore Developments Limited Chairman Phillip Gore and is taught by construction professionals who volunteer their time. Marcello Berry (pictured), a member of the first CPM class, went on to become a Civil Engineer in large part because of his experience during the course.

JC Old boy and Civil Engineer Marcello Berry (right) joins the celebration of his former instructor

Mr. Wayne Robinson acting Principal of Jamaica College addresses the issues experienced with the CSEC 2020 exams. See official statement below.

Also see the Jamaica Observer’s interview with the principal here He discusses the process and how the matter was resolved.

Principal of Jamaica College, Mr. Wayne Robinson, was a picture of pride and gratitude today as he spoke briefly with a kind-hearted, passionate young man who was selflessly making a contribution to his nation and the less fortunate. This young man was Zachary Murray, an upper sixth form student of Campion College and founder of Zach’s Device Drive.

The initiative began with Murray’s desire to help students stay connected and take full advantage of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. He understood the plight of his fellow students nationally who had no suitable device, or, in many instances, had to share a device with other members of their households. As a result he pursued his idea of  “1 child, 1 device, leaving no one behind”, and encouraged students at his high school to donate new or lightly used devices to students without devices. However, Murray did not stop there, as he decided to spread his message and act of kindness by partnering with the SAKHI group (meaning a friend for life), allowing him to donate devices to other corporate area high schools, chief among them St. Andrew High School for Girls, Pembroke Hall High School and Jamaica College.

Murray made his donation of two tablets to the Old Hope Road boys school on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. Jamaica College is heartened to see a young man making a contribution of this kind to the development of his country. To date Zachary Murray has donated 21 tablets in his bid to lessen the digital divide.

Read full Gleaner article here

We now welcome to the podium the esteemed Griffin debaters. Join with us, in giving hearty congratulations to Jamaica College’s debating team. Members of the W.S.E on August 27th squared off with Cornwall College and was rewarded the 1st runner’s up position in the National Tourism Debate for 2020.

We are elated to see that we have been able to bring home this throphy stated Mr. Mazlyn. Miss Johnson also in good spirits shared that she was pleased with the gentlemen’s performance and extremely proud of their growth while looking forward to greater things in the future. Both coaches gave the nod on how much they believe the young college men have grown.

Principal Robinson was also keen on the performance and hailed the young College Men as stately and composed in their demeanor as a part of his address to the team.

Team Captain Jerome Samuels added we can only go up form here.

Ladies and gentle college men we yeild to the sucess of our One College Fervet!

Derryk MacGregor (2019/2020 Jamaica College Grade 9 Student)

This has been a historic year indeed. 2020 has been a year of unchartered waters. So many things have hit us with thunderous surprise. There is, however, one continuous blazing truth to it all, that is True Blue will always shine through royally. In this installment of the Jamaica Collège train of excellence we extend a hearty congratulations to young collegeman Mr. Derryk MacGregor who has made history, as he leaves 3rd form with a grade 2 in CAPE UNIT 2 (there is no typo here) in Animation & Gaming Design, and a grade 3 in CSEC Human & Social Biology. Youngest (14 years old) in Jamaica to take AGD CAPE Unit 2 Examination.

This historical achievement has Mr. MacGregor standing on the unique claim to the youngest Jamaica College student to have certificates in both CAPE and CSEC in its history of star-studded academic trail blazers.

We congratulate you Sir on your hard work and your impressive success. FERVET!

See the Jamaica Observer’s interview with Mr. MacGregor here